About Me

I am an auto, nature, weather, and bicycle enthusiast. I am currently studying to get a associates degree in horticulture at HCC Katy, because that it was I thought I wanted to do. I am still kind of confused, about what I want to do, but studying plants seemed to be the best option between weather and animals. I have alot of different interest and horticulture just seemed like the best route to take. You've probably already noticed all of the different blogs that I have. I was thinking about maybe studying about the weather or animals when I go to college but, first I need to decide on what specific field I am going to study, so I thought studying plants would be my best option.
I am not currently employed, but have been helping my dad at his jewelry store. I would like to find a job before I finish college just because I like to work and don't like being dependent on my parents. I am hoping that I will be able to find a job with my associates degree in horticulture, but am still trying to figure out what I want to do.
There are some things that I have been thinking about doing, like becoming a writer, or journalist. I would really like to write books, or write for a paper, magazine, website, or something. I enjoy writing and people say I am a good writer, but I don't know if that's true. Either way I like to write and I would enjoy having a writing career.
Also something else I have been thinking about doing, is becoming a christian science nurse, or practitioner. I like to help people and would enjoy being able to pray for people everyday and make them feel better. I also think that would be a fun job to have. I am still not sure, but have been leaning towards becoming a christian science nurse, practitioner, or a writer for a newspaper, or magazine lately. I am still not entirely sure, but I am hoping to figure that out someday, but would just really enjoy having a job besides helping out at my jewelry parent store. I would enjoy being able to take care of myself and not being dependent on my parents.