Saturday, December 27, 2014

Toyota Matrix: Road Test Update 2014

It's officially been two years since we got the Toyota Matrix! It's a 2011 and has 62,560 miles on it. We got it when it had 42,260 miles on it, back in 2012. For these past two years, with the exception of tire wear, the Toyota Matrix has had no problems. Up until now....
The Toyota Matrix wouldn't start at first, yesterday, but my dad eventually got it going. Both my dad and the people at the dealership that I work at think that it might have been some bad gas, for driving the car on empty, which I do a lot. So hopefully that was the problem, but anyway.....
The Toyota Matrix has been running fine since yesterday, so we'll see!


  1. I had to laugh, my son drives a lot on empty too. Glad it is up and running again.


    1. Lol, ya, just trying to get out that one last drop! : )


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