Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Keeping my Calm!

I like to keep my calm, under stressful situations.

Joining Josie from Two Shoes in Texas, in her Two Shoes Tuesday! Click the link to join in, or see other entries.


  1. How very nice it is to have you back sharing with us at Two Shoes Tuesday, Joseph, I've missed you!! This was a really nice post, I have learned over the years to keep my cool far better than I did when I was young. You learn to fight the big battles and make peace with smaller issues. Keeping your calm means that you can deal with things rationally and it makes your life so much easier, and less stressful! I love your peaceful picture of blue sky too... nothing prettier! I love to watch our big Texas sky in the morning and evening when I drive to the city to work and return home!

    1. Ya I am always stopping to take pictures at work, when I should probably be working.... Glad to be back! : )

  2. Joseph, this is so essential. We feel better and so does everyone around us. Wise words. Hug.

  3. Keeping calm is needed during stressful times. When one can't concentrate, take a break! It is cold here today and snowy but, unfortunately, it is supposed to warm up which I don't want:) I am a Canuck after all and it is the Christmas season:)

  4. Keeping calm under stress is a gift. A gift that is valuable to all.

  5. Good idea, Joseph. Your picture is one of calmness.
    Nice to see you writing again.


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