Monday, April 14, 2014

LOL A to Z

As y'all know I love to laugh and I love cats, also dogs. So onto the theme of cats, dogs, and laughter. My mom accidentally bought a bag of Purina dog chow for puppies, yesterday, instead of cat food.

Side note: We don't have any puppies, oops!

Also some facts, dog food is not good for cats, so don't feed them it, if you have cats and dogs.

I hope y'all liked my A to Z!

(Update: Also LOL, I accidentally posted this post a day earlier, skipping the letter k, oops!)

(Update: And also another LOL, I posted this on Sunday again! I was wondering why it was so quiet, no L words on anybody's blogs...)


  1. Gotta love the animals-Love the doggie picture -looks a little possessed:) Our one cat-who is too fat(we inherited her) goes after food like no tomorrow and once ate a few of the doggie bits before I shooshed her away (much to her hissing dismay)

  2. Animal lol are a great topic for the A to Z Challenge letter K. I love the face that dog is making.

  3. So cute about your mom buying the wrong food! But you are right, cats can't eat dog food and vice versa. LOL about the mix up of letters too. Honestly, I got the kitchen calendar and I put all the letters on it starting from April 1st and skipping weekends so I wouldn't get confused. I am enjoying your A/Z Joseph!


  4. Never mind, we all have those "brain-fart" days! ;)
    Dropping by on the A to Z. :)


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