Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Carry, or Coincidence

Carry, or coincidence?

You want me to carry a coincidence?

"Wait, what...?"

"How do you carry a coincidence?"

"Umm....I don't know...?" : /

So this is a story about Pete who was told in school, by his third grade teacher, Mrs. Realsmart, that he needed to carry a coincidence!

"Carry a Coincidence?" asked Pete to himself, out loud.
"Umm....what?" Asked Pete's third grade teacher Mrs. Realsmart
"Did you just ask me to carry a coincidence?" Asked Pete
"No...I said what a coincidence. We both had the same carry on's!" Retorted Mrs. Realsmart
"Ok!" Said Pete still confused, wanting to go home, his attention somewhere else.....

That was the story of Pete being told to carry a coincidence by his third grade teacher, Mrs. Realsmart. Written for Josie Two Shoe's "Two Shoes Tuesday." Click the link to join in, or see other entries.


  1. Joseph, this is a very cute story. I always enjoy your creativity.

  2. This was a fun read, I love how you took both prompts and turned them in to a story. The best part... "what a coincidence. We both had the same carry on's!" Very clever, Joseph!! You made me smile first thing this morning! :-)

  3. Replies
    1. As much as the story was. So cute.... I looove the drawing!

  4. Tooc ute Joseph! And I like your art work!

    Happy weekend!


  5. Such a cute story!! :) Loved the drawing too.... Dropping by from AtoZ. See ya later :)


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