Friday, March 28, 2014

Regret: Water Colors!

I may regret writing this post past 12 am, but I won't regret writing this post for Josie's Two Shoes Tuesday!
: )

Ok, actually I am going to bed...I'll finish my post later!

Well speaking of later, on the subject of regret, I regret going to the store on Wednesday to get a water color book instead of ordering it online. I had to go to three different stores (Kroger, Walgreens, and Office Depot) to find a water color book, but none of them had one, except for office depot, sort of. It was a multi-media book, not officially a watercolor book, but it worked!

The reason why I wanted to get water color paper is because the regular office paper gets wet and the water colors seep through. The water color paper is strong enough to hold the water colors and doesn't get wet and seep through.

Picture of the sketch book that I bought from Office Depot.
With the water color paper, from Office Depot.
Without the water color paper, just regular office paper.

I also regret always being late for the Two Shoes Tuesdays, sorry.... 

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's Almost The First Day of Spring!

I like the spring time the most because it is after winter and it was when school ended and summer vacation started!

The above picture is just of a silly picture that I drew on March 1, to celebrate it being March 1, and winter being almost over. Three days later Houston had it's biggest winter storm of the year, which was ironically named winter storm, Titan, I think. The winter storm brought more than a .25 inch of ice and supposedly .05 inches of snow.
That was pretty big for Houston, especially in March! The only time that Houston got snow in March was back in 1932, where the weather stations recorded .08 inches of snow on March 10th and 11th. So anyway, yay Spring, I can't wait!
The weather forecasters are forecasting it to be a warm one, with a high of 75 and a low of 50 degrees, and partly cloudy skies. I'm looking forward to the first day of Spring!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014



Home is my keepsake,
my place to lay my head, 
my place to stay,
my place to eat, sleep, and
my place to rest.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Carry, or Coincidence

Carry, or coincidence?

You want me to carry a coincidence?

"Wait, what...?"

"How do you carry a coincidence?"

"Umm....I don't know...?" : /

So this is a story about Pete who was told in school, by his third grade teacher, Mrs. Realsmart, that he needed to carry a coincidence!

"Carry a Coincidence?" asked Pete to himself, out loud.
"Umm....what?" Asked Pete's third grade teacher Mrs. Realsmart
"Did you just ask me to carry a coincidence?" Asked Pete
"No...I said what a coincidence. We both had the same carry on's!" Retorted Mrs. Realsmart
"Ok!" Said Pete still confused, wanting to go home, his attention somewhere else.....

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Another Big Ice Storm Hits Houston!

 A tree limb fell, sometime during the early morning and took out our Comcast cable line.
Late last night another ice storm passed though Houston, TX. It was a weird storm, there was loud thunder with cloud to ground lightning, with heavy rain/ maybe freezing rain, and maybe some sleet. I don't know if I there was any sleet, or not, I saw some white balls in some of the pictures that I took last night, and this early morning, so maybe it was sleet. I also heard that there were some reports of hail during those thunderstorms that passed through Houston. I didn't see any hail, but there might have been some.
So Houston got, severe thunderstorms, cloud to ground lightning, loud thunder, hail, torrential rain/ maybe freezing rain, ice, and maybe sleet, all in one night! A Very strange way to start off March!

Side note: One thing that I thought was strange with this ice storm is that I didn't see any ice hanging from the roof of my house this time, like when Houston had those ice storms back in January. The weather forecaster of Abc 13 news, Travis Harzog, said that the rain was warm, I think 50 degrees. So that might be the reason. Also another thing Harzog said is that the rain was ongoing and that the rain drops didn't have that much time to freeze, so that might have been why. Anyway more ice storms for Houston! I think this was out last one. It should be getting warm soon. I feel it is going to be an active Spring, I think we are going to get alot of rain and thunderstorms.

Well that's hopefully it! Probably the last arctic cold front of this winter season. I wonder what next winter will bring! See y'all next time, bye! : )