Friday, February 14, 2014

Toy Cars And a New Computer!

Look at all of my toy cars! I was just organizing them before I put them into a different box, but I had to move them a little early to make some roof for my new computer! So back into the box they went! I've always wanted to arrange my toy cars like this since I was a kid, when I would see them arranged like this in toy car collector magazines and books, I thought it looked pretty cool.

Anyway I had to get a new computer because my laptop's screen finally went out and it was becoming slow. It would sometimes take couple of minutes to load a webpage, so I knew I had to get a new computer. I got a Lenovo from Microcenter. It's refurbished, but it looks and works like new. Microcenter also gives you a keyboard and mouse, but it doesn't come with a monitor unless you want one, but it will cost you  a little extra.
The whole computer with keyboard and mouse cost a hundred dollars with thirty dollar shipping, very cheap and works better than my laptop. 
The reason why I chose a desktop computer is because I thought I might want to upgrade it for gaming and things. So I thought I would get a desktop instead. I like laptop's, but I don't like that you can't upgrade them. Actually I think you can, but it's alot harder to upgrade a laptop then it is to upgrade a desktop computer, so I wanted to get a desktop.
I really like my new computer it's fast, simple, and basic. I like fast, simple, and basic! 
Uh-oh! I just checked out the link and there aren't anymore Lenovo's  left and I just got it last week. They seem to be running out of them everyday. So if you are looking for a new computer, go check out
I'm not sure how good those other desktop computers are,  that are left, but they are pretty cheap. So If you are looking for a good cheap, reliable computer, you should check out Microcenter! They have some pretty good, cheap laptops also!

Also Happy Valentine's Day! : )

(Update: also another thing that I like about desktop computers is that there is enough space for your cat to sit on your desk and for you to use your computer. Sigh....Simon!)


  1. I like your new computer, Joseph. I actually still have a desktop one. I use my hubby's laptop some time, but it just doesn't feel right, LOL. I guess it is hard to get an old dog to learn new tricks :)

    enjoy it!

    Great car collection too!


  2. Ya, I remember I wasn't too interested in using a laptop at first either, but eventually I got used to it! They both work just fine, it's just a laptop is smaller and more portable.


    Thanks! : )

  3. Wow. You have a lot of cars! Congratulations on the new computer! I need a new laptop. I am doing my research!

    1. Thanks! That's good, I hope you get a good one!
      : )


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