Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Mr.Shiny was never whiny, but was always shiny,
never wearing a frown, his smile could be seen all over town,
everyday, people would smile, every once in awhile, when Mr. Shiny would come out to play.
People would never frown when they saw Mr. Shiny
Because every time people saw Mr. Shiny, Mr. Shiny would brighten their day,
all their fears and worries would go away!

This is the story of Mr. Shiny...

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  1. There is truth in this wonderful story, Joseph! Smiley attitudes are very contagious. I love this tale! :-)

  2. Luckily there a few people like this as well. They are always good to meet.

  3. I like Mr. Shiny!! He's my kind of guy! Well done Joseph!



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