Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter Storm Kronos

It's Coming.....
There is a reason why we have fireplaces in Houston.
Thursday Night's Forecast

Current Winter Weather Alerts
Winter storm Kronos!

I think that is cool that they name winter storms, although I wonder where they got the names from. I think they are from Greek gods, or something....
This is Houston's biggest winter storm since 2009. It is true that Houston has had some winter weather these past few years, since 2007, but they have been isolated incidents, but not major winter storms. Houston usually gets major winter storms every 5 to 10 years and they aren't really that major, except for Houstonians that aren't that used to winter weather. 
We almost had another snow/sleet storm, in Houston, back in January of 2011, but most areas only saw just a few flurries. I don't think any of the areas in, or around Houston saw more than that. There might have been some isolated areas that saw some light snow showers, but that's it.
Houston almost got some snow/sleet back in 2010. My mom said that she saw some sleet about a mile away from our house, back in February of 2010, but I didn't see any sleet at our house. A big 1 inch snow storm passed through Houston back in December of 2009, which is probably the most that it has snowed in Houston, but i'm not sure. I wish I could see the records. I would like to know the record amount of snow that has fallen in Houston, since they started to take records. Nobody was saying anything special about records when the 1 inch snow storm passed over Houston back in December of 2009, so Houston might have gotten more than an inch of snow at one time.
But continuing on with the story.... Houston had a rain/sleet event back in 2008, but I think it only lasted about 30 minutes. Then back in 2007 Houston had a ice event that closed down most of Houston's schools. It was very minor. There were only a few roads that had ice.
Then in 2004 on Christmas eve, a sleet/snow storm passed over Houston and brought about .25, or less inches of sleet and some snow. There was a continual on and off sleet shower from sometime during the morning, or afternoon, on Christmas eve until around 1, or 2 am, on Christmas day. Most of the precipitation that fell on Christmas eve was sleet. Snow didn't start to fall until sometime during the late night, Christmas eve, or around 1, or 2 am, Christmas morning. So I guess Houston had sort of a white Christmas! 
Then the earliest winter storm that I could remember Houston having was a ice storm back in January of 1997, I think, that brought thick ice of I think an inch, or more to Houston. Which was pretty bad.... I remember seeing "Watch For Ice" signs on many of Houston's bridge's after that storm. It took Houston awhile for them to want to take the signs down from the bridges. I think they might actually still be there, but they might have taken them down. I don't remember. It was a bad storm....Here's some information about it! (
And now back to 2014, I am glad that they are now naming the winter storms, like they do Tropical storms and Hurricanes, because now I can give y'all a better description of it, instead of saying that winter storm...I can now say winter storm Kronos and y'all can know what I am talking about.
Well Kronos is not much of a winter storm right now, but maybe later tonight, or tomorrow, I will be able to show y'all some videos of sleet, or maybe snow that fell. I hope no ice...the weather forecasters said on The Weather Channel that since the temperature was in the 60's in the morning and maybe early afternoon in Houston, that it will take awhile for the rain on the ground to turn into ice, but we still might get some freezing rain, which is rain that will immediately become ice once it reaches the ground, if the ground is at, or below freezing. So hopefully no ice.
Right now my Kestral says that it is 35 degrees and it looks to be raining, I didn't see any sleet, snow, or ice pellets. There were some reports of rain/snow mix near my house and there is a current recording of .01 inches of snow for Houston. There might have been some sleet, snow, or ice pellets falling outside of my house,, but I couldn't see. I am hoping that the rain will turn into snow as the temperature continues to drop, during the night. I hope to show y'all some videos and pictures of winter storm Kronos! Bye for now, talk to y'all tomorrow!


  1. I was surprised when they started naming winter storms. I never heard of a polar vortex until recently, either. Stay safe and warm, Joseph.

    1. Ya me either, I don't think, but I did know that all of the cold came from the north in Canada and above. I don't think they ever told us about the polar vortex before. : )

  2. I like that they are naming snow storms or systems, Joseph. Years down the road when people are talking about them, they'll be able to identify them by name rather than try to figure out what year they "hit".


    1. Ya, it makes it alot easier, especially for the people that live in areas that get alot snow storms. : )


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