Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter Storm Kronos Day 2

Well I didn't see any snow, or sleet....I think a drop of sleet might have fallen on my face, when I was out in the back yard of my house, during the beginning of 8 pm, but i'm not sure. The drop didn't feel like a rain drop, it felt like a sleet, or snow drop, so it might have been a sleet, or snow drop, but I couldn't tell, or see since the drop melted once it fell on my face.

Pictures of winter storm Kronos...

So not much snow, or sleet, but some ice crystals looked to have formed, at my house, sometime during the late morning. I had set my alarm clock to 6 am, hoping to see some sleet, or snow falling when I woke up, but when I woke up and looked out of my houses windows, only light rain, or ice pellets, or maybe freezing rain looked to be falling. I didn't start to see the ice crystals until around 11 am, so I am guessing that is around the time that they had formed. The ice crystals started to melt at around 11:30 am, so they weren't there for that long.
But the good news is that I don't think any of the roads froze over, they might have been a little bit slippery during the morning, but they looked to be mostly dried out by the afternoon. The weather forecasters are still asking drivers to be careful because of possible refreezing of the roads during the night. Light rain fell through out the Houston area from the late morning yesterday until early morning today, so the roads might still be wet and the weather forecasters are still worried about the roads possibly re-freezing during the night when the temperatures get back down into the low 30's, or maybe high 20's.
So that's it for winter storm Kronos!
Until next winter storm!
See y'all later!


  1. Wow. I know we got more winter snow and ice! I saw that even Galveston and Texas City were hit by Kronos.that is unusual!

    1. Yup, and we might get some more next week! Stay tuned!
      : )

  2. I like the icicles, but glad the storm didn't cause too much havoc. Nothing worse than an icy road to drive on!



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