Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Time For a Trade!

The day was cold, it was -8 degrees when Kyle and his father drove to the used car dealership. Inside Kyle's father wasn't too happy about driving to the dealership in the snow and cold, but it was Kyle's 16th birthday and Kyle's father had promised Kyle he would get him a car for his birthday. Kyle's father wanted to have gone to get Kyle his car two weeks earlier when Kyle presented the idea to him, but Kyle's father had been up to his nose in paperwork, so he didn't have time to go car shopping and now it was Kyle's birthday. It was also Sunday.... But Kyle's father had made a promise to his son and he was going to keep it!
A harsh big gust of wind blew across Kyle's face as they both stepped out of  Kyle's father's warm, old Jeep Wagoner. The dealership didn't look to be opened, but they both decided to go take a look. Kyle had been reading the auto mags and his eyes were on the white 98' Camaro shoved way in the back. "That's the one that I want!" shouted Kyle. Kyle's father gave him a sharp piercing look. Did Kyle really not understand where he lived?
Minnesota had been under one of it's worst winters and Kyle's father was worried about his son driving around in a sports car in the ice and snow. "Ya Sure..." Grunted Kyle's father.
Kyle could sense his father's disapproval and thinking a little more about it, Kyle quietly agreed. The Camaro wasn't the only car that Kyle had been eyeing. There was an old dark green Toyota 4 runner parked near the front that had looked like it had been used to go off roading. It had big mud tires and mud flaps with a big, long CB antenna sticking out in the front. It had actually looked pretty cool and Kyle thought he would look pretty cool driving around with his friends in it. Kyle pointed towards the direction of the old 4 runner, his eyes glancing at his father. His father glanced back.
"Ok..." Said Kyle's father with a shrug. "At least it was better than the Camaro." Kyle's father thought to himself.
Kyle gave a big "Whoop! Whoop!" and ran towards the old 4 runner, while Kyle's dad walked toward the dealerships office. As Kyle's dad was walking towards the dealerships office, he noticed a flickering green and red neon open sign hanging on the window. Kyle's father pushed the door of the dealerships office open and walked inside.
Once inside the dealership's office, the dealerships manager giving Kyle's father a surprised look said "Hello?"
"Hi I am interested in buying that dark green Toyota 4 runner that you have parked outside."
"How much do you want for it?"
"How much are you asking?"
"sixteen hundred..."
Kyle screamed with excitement! Kyle was now going to have his own car!
Also Kyle's dad was finally going to be able to get rid of his old red Jeep Wagoner. He traded it in for a thousand dollars to the used car dealership. Yes it was in good working condition, but it had seen better days and Kyle's father had been wanting to get rid of it, for quite awhile and now was his chance. Kyle paid the six hundred dollars left on the 4 runner, saved up from his weekly allowance and Kyle and his father both drove home happy in Kyle's new, old dark green Toyota 4 runner!

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  1. This was a great story, Joseph! I know that Kyle went home with a giant smile spread across his face. I loved that he was willing to adapt his dream to appreciate the 4 runner which is truly a much wiser choice in Minnesota. My older sister bought a VW convertible a few years ago. She lives in Minnesota... can you imagine how that's working out for her during this bitter cold weather? I am happy that Kyle's father kept his promise, I think the dealership was just meant to be open that day! I hope Kyle ended up making lots of great memories with his friends while driving around in that 4 runner! :-)

    1. Thanks! At least VW's have all wheel drive, don't they?

      Yup, he'll be much safer too! : )

  2. What a great storyteller you are becoming, Joseph!

  3. Having driven in snow, I definitely know the Camaro wouldn't have been the right choice :) I think Kyle will enjoy his Toyota! Great story Joseph!


  4. Liked your story. Two happy guys nice happy ending.


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