Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hoping For Some Possible Sleet Tuesday

I read on the NOAA weather report this morning that there is a slight chance of some sleet, or maybe snow for Houston on Tuesday and I am hoping to see some sleet, or snow. Houston has been getting alot of sleet, snow weather these past couple of years since 2008. Houston does have a climate for some possible snow every year, but Houston rarely gets to see any snow, or winter participation. The only time that I saw snow in Houston was back on Dec. 4, 2009, when Houston got an inch of snow. The only other time that I had seen Houston get any winter precipitation was a year before in Dec. 2008, when Houston got a winter mix of sleet and rain. We actually had a sleet and snow storm on the Christmas eve of 2004 in Houston. I would say it was my first white Christmas. Only about an half an inch, or less of  the sleet and snow had accumulated on the ground during Christmas eve when most of the sleet and snow fell. The sleet and snow were still on the leaves of the trees on Christmas morning, so I guess it counts as having a white Christmas. We also had a bad ice storm back in the mid 90's, either 1996, or maybe 1995. So Houston has gets some winter weather. Houston even has a annual snowfall average of .01 inches per year, last I checked.Houston hasn't had much winter precipitation since 2009. Only a few flurries and ice pellets in 2011 and 2012. I don't remember if Houston got a winter precipitation in 2010. I think some snow flurries, or sleet might have fallen in Houston in 2010, also.
I am hoping Houston will get it's annual .01 inches of snow this year too, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see!

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  1. I'd rather not have cold and snow, Joseph. We were out of town in 2009 and missed the whole thing! Nice post though, and since Houston is soooo big perhaps you could have snow where you are and I could hope we wouldn't have where we live.

  2. so did you get the snow today?


    1. No, it looks like we are going to get some rain tonight and early tomorrow morning, but it doesn't look like the temperatures are going to be cold enough, the forecasted low is 40 degrees.
      : )


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