Friday, October 18, 2013

The Cat's Shadow

It was early morning just before sunrise, when Jeremy decided to take the trash out early. He didn't want to have to get up early when the sun was up and then go back to sleep. Jeremy wasn't very good at going back to sleep when the sun was up, once the sun was up he was up. Unlike his older brother who would stay up all night and sleep during the day.
But this night Jeremy had stayed up late and it was only a couple of hours until sunrise. Even though it was night, Jeremy wasn't scared, but was delighted. The season's first fall cold front had just passed through and Jeremy was enjoying the cool, calm air.
In this cool, calm air, Jeremy walked happily along pulling the trash can down his houses driveway. There was no one to be found, not a sound, nor a sight of any living thing. That's when Jeremy's imagination started to grow wild. "Where, what, was that?" He thought to himself. Jeremy's imagination was starting to make Jeremy see every creepy thing he could dream of, out of the shadows of the trees, buildings, and things that were around him.
"Did I just see a ghost?" "No!" He, thought. "That was just a plant...or was it?" Jeremy turned his scared head towards his houses front door. His eye caught a glimpse of a glaring jack o' lantern. "Ahh!" He shrieked. Then breathed a sigh. "Oh right that's just a carved out pumpkin that my brother made." Muttered Jeremy to himself. "I better get inside"
But as Jeremy was about to go inside, he started to see two, three, four, maybe five Jack o' lanterns and they all seemed to be coming right after him. Jeremy started to feel alone and scared. He wanted to run, but he didn't know where to run to. "Over here!" Something yelled in the distance. But Jeremy couldn't tell who it was. All he could see was a black shadow and it was running away fast.
He started to run after it, hoping it was a way out. Once while he was running, Jeremy decided to look up and he saw green eyes staring intently at him. "Green eyes?" "What could it mean?" "Who is it that I am following." thought Jeremy. But Jeremy didn't have time to think, he had to run, the jack o' lanterns were getting closer. The shadow jumped into a dark hole, and so did Jeremy, the jack o' lanterns right behind them, but the shadow closed the door, before the jack o' lanterns could get inside.
Now just Jeremy and a green eyed shadow were sitting alone in a deep dark hole. Jeremy was nervous and getting scared. The green eyed shadow flipped a switch and a bright orange bulb was shown, in the middle, close to Jeremy's face. Jeremy flinched, he saw what the green eyed shadow really was. It was a black cat.
"Don't be afraid, it's just me." said the black cat
"Yes, I've come to save you, you are in grave danger."
"In danger?" "In danger from what?" "Where are we?" "Why were those jack o' lanterns after me?"
"You ask too many questions." "I will will let you know, when the time is right, good bye for now." The light turned off and Charcoal disappeared.
"Wait,wait!" Yelled Jeremy.
"Wait?" "Wait, for what?" Said Jeremy's older brother.
Jeremy confused, started to open his eyes, feeling relieved that he was in his room.
"Did you stay up late watching "Night of The Jack O' Lanterns" again?
"Come, on your supposed to take the trash out."
"Right..." Said Jeremy.
"Hey where's Charcoal?" "Have you seen him?"
"No...?" Said Jeremy
"Charcoal, Charcoal" Yelled Jeremy's older brother
Charcoal came running up the stairs and into Jeremy's bedroom.
"I guess i'll go take the trash out." said Jeremy as he jumped off of his bed and ran out of his bedrooms door, but before Jeremy ran out of his bedroom, he paused and caught the eye of Charcoal, Charcoal stared back, his green eyes staring intently at Jeremy.
"Don't forget, you must remember."
"Problem?" Asked Jeremy's older brother.
", no problem." Stuttered Jeremy as Charcoal then started to rub his head against his older brothers legs, purring loudly.
"Well then get to it!" Yelled Jeremy's older brother.
"Right!" And Jeremy ran out of his houses front door.

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  1. Very suspenseful story, Joseph! You had my attention the whole time. I am glad you shared with us here! Thanks!

  2. Oh! This was wonderful! I got caught up in it and my heart was racing right along with Jeremy's! Jack o'lanterns can be pretty scary, and most definitey glowing cat eyes too! I loved how you turned it all into a dream, I didn't see that coming. Great story, Joseph! Thank you for doing this for Two Shoes Tuesday! :-)

    1. Ya Jack o' lanterns were one of things that I was afraid of when I was a kid. I always have to end my stories in a twist!
      : )

  3. A very nice and scary story, Joseph. To me it seemed to be real!!
    It reminded me of going to the bathroom when I was young. I didn't like to go after dark as it was out behind the chicken house at the edge of the grove with no lighted path. It was better when my younger sister would walk our there with me.

    We never did see any thing to hurt us out there. But there were some noises out in the trees.

    1. Ya, I was afraid of the dark when I was a kid too.

      LOL, don't look up! : )


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