Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!

Happy Halloween!

So we  had a few kids come to our door. We gave out some peanut M&M's and I dressed up as Santa Claus! I'm not sure if they liked it.

Merry Christmas! Um....I mean happy Halloween!
Also my mom made caramel turtle brownies!


  1. Those brownies looked delicious Joseph! I bet there are none left. I think your Santa costume was a good one in that after Thanksgiving, Christmas is just around the corner.

    We had two trick or treaters, LOL, and lots of leftover candy :)


    1. Ya that's true, just two more months!

      That's good, i'm glad that you got to give the candy to somebody and that you didn't eat it all before they came to your door. : )

  2. That Father Christmas would have me running for the hills

  3. Hi Joseph! I just got this today Nov. 5! Glad you had a good Halloween!

  4. Thanks for the visit. Have a lovely day.


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