Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!

Happy Halloween!

So we  had a few kids come to our door. We gave out some peanut M&M's and I dressed up as Santa Claus! I'm not sure if they liked it.

Merry Christmas! Um....I mean happy Halloween!
Also my mom made caramel turtle brownies!

Howl's Eve

Watching the sun set, the guy ran towards his house, hoping to get inside, he knew that night was coming, and that the thing he dreaded the most would soon be here. He patted his calico cat as he was preparing to go inside, but just before he could get inside, a gust of wind blew and slammed the door to his house shut, his calico cat had just managed to slip inside, but the guy didn't make it in, he was alone, and couldn't find his house keys. As the guy was trying to sneak around to the back of his house, to see if the back door was open, he heard a growl and then another growl, the growl got louder as he got closer to the back of his house. The growl was coming from the trash can behind his house, the guy lifted the trash cans lid, it was him, the thing he dreaded the most, it was the neighborhood RACCOON! The guy started to panic, knocking frantically on his houses back door, his little sister saw him, and she opened the door, the guy ran inside, sweat all down his face, breathing heavily, he slammed his houses back door. The guys little sister looked puzzled, but she knew, they all knew....

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


The evening will be quiet, there will be no noise,
all the children will be standing still, by their window sill,
waiting for night to fall, they will all have a ball.
Putting on costumes, putting up decorations, and finding the right candy bowls,
before sun fall, when the children will all be out, with their costumes that will make their neighbors filled with freight,
their eyes will be searching for the nearest house that will fill their taste buds with delight,
children will be screaming, laughing, and playing in the streets that night, the night of Halloween!

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

So Much For Saving The Trees

Since finding out that our trees have not gotten enough water and having seen two oak trees fall down last year, I have been trying to save the last remaining trees that are still left. I have been trying to water them at least three times per week with just a sprinkle of water. I only gave them a sprinkle of water because I didn't want to put too much at once and have them fall over, like the two oak trees that fell over in the front yard last year. The oak trees fell over because there base is shallow and when Houston had that drought in 2011 and then got all that rain in 2012, the oak trees couldn't take all of the water at once, so they fell over.
So now I have been trying to save the trees that are left, but it seems like I am too late and that they are already starting to fall over. It looks like some of them might fall over tonight, or this coming week. We are supposed to get alot of rain, maybe 2 inches this week, plus with the wind. I saw a small tree branch fall today off of a tree from just maybe 20 mph wind gusts. That wasn't much and if we get a strong 50, or 60 ph wind gust they will probably all fall over. They all look bent.
I don't know what to do to save the trees in my houses yard. I looked up on ways to save trees on the internet at a east Texas gardening website ( and they told me that I needed to water the trees not at the base of the tree, but that I needed to water the trees at the ends of their branches that are not near the trunk. That's pretty far up! How am I supposed to reach that high? And also these trees are pretty old, maybe more than 50 years old and they told me that I would need to water them with probably 2,250 gallons of water, if they are that old and my math is correct. That is alot of water! And I can't stand there and water all of those trees. I think we may need to cut them all down. I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions?

The above pictures are of the branch that fell off of one of the oak trees in my houses back yard.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Not Sure What to Say

I've been feeling pretty sorrowful these past couple of months, not being able to get out more than a mile away from my house has put me in a pretty sorrowful mood, but these last couple of weeks, to my surprise since the beginning of September, I have been getting better and have begun walking and driving, although I haven't been able to drive that far yet, just around my neighborhood, but I think I will be able to start driving out of my neighborhood soon, I hope, but at least I am starting to feel better.
I have been able to walk around my house and back yard with alot more ease. Thinking about how I have not been able to walk much, or drive has made me pretty sorrowful, but I am happy to say that I am getting better and hope to be better soon.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

I Made a Veggie Burger Today

It's a Five Guys style veggie burger! It is just a burger with all of the veggies, but without the meat.I found some left over English Muffins and then put melted American cheese, pickles, mayonnaise, lettuce, ketchup, and mustard, in between the two English muffins. It was good, it tasted just like a Five Guys veggie burger, sort of.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

The Cat's Shadow

It was early morning just before sunrise, when Jeremy decided to take the trash out early. He didn't want to have to get up early when the sun was up and then go back to sleep. Jeremy wasn't very good at going back to sleep when the sun was up, once the sun was up he was up. Unlike his older brother who would stay up all night and sleep during the day.
But this night Jeremy had stayed up late and it was only a couple of hours until sunrise. Even though it was night, Jeremy wasn't scared, but was delighted. The season's first fall cold front had just passed through and Jeremy was enjoying the cool, calm air.
In this cool, calm air, Jeremy walked happily along pulling the trash can down his houses driveway. There was no one to be found, not a sound, nor a sight of any living thing. That's when Jeremy's imagination started to grow wild. "Where, what, was that?" He thought to himself. Jeremy's imagination was starting to make Jeremy see every creepy thing he could dream of, out of the shadows of the trees, buildings, and things that were around him.
"Did I just see a ghost?" "No!" He, thought. "That was just a plant...or was it?" Jeremy turned his scared head towards his houses front door. His eye caught a glimpse of a glaring jack o' lantern. "Ahh!" He shrieked. Then breathed a sigh. "Oh right that's just a carved out pumpkin that my brother made." Muttered Jeremy to himself. "I better get inside"
But as Jeremy was about to go inside, he started to see two, three, four, maybe five Jack o' lanterns and they all seemed to be coming right after him. Jeremy started to feel alone and scared. He wanted to run, but he didn't know where to run to. "Over here!" Something yelled in the distance. But Jeremy couldn't tell who it was. All he could see was a black shadow and it was running away fast.
He started to run after it, hoping it was a way out. Once while he was running, Jeremy decided to look up and he saw green eyes staring intently at him. "Green eyes?" "What could it mean?" "Who is it that I am following." thought Jeremy. But Jeremy didn't have time to think, he had to run, the jack o' lanterns were getting closer. The shadow jumped into a dark hole, and so did Jeremy, the jack o' lanterns right behind them, but the shadow closed the door, before the jack o' lanterns could get inside.
Now just Jeremy and a green eyed shadow were sitting alone in a deep dark hole. Jeremy was nervous and getting scared. The green eyed shadow flipped a switch and a bright orange bulb was shown, in the middle, close to Jeremy's face. Jeremy flinched, he saw what the green eyed shadow really was. It was a black cat.
"Don't be afraid, it's just me." said the black cat
"Yes, I've come to save you, you are in grave danger."
"In danger?" "In danger from what?" "Where are we?" "Why were those jack o' lanterns after me?"
"You ask too many questions." "I will will let you know, when the time is right, good bye for now." The light turned off and Charcoal disappeared.
"Wait,wait!" Yelled Jeremy.
"Wait?" "Wait, for what?" Said Jeremy's older brother.
Jeremy confused, started to open his eyes, feeling relieved that he was in his room.
"Did you stay up late watching "Night of The Jack O' Lanterns" again?
"Come, on your supposed to take the trash out."
"Right..." Said Jeremy.
"Hey where's Charcoal?" "Have you seen him?"
"No...?" Said Jeremy
"Charcoal, Charcoal" Yelled Jeremy's older brother
Charcoal came running up the stairs and into Jeremy's bedroom.
"I guess i'll go take the trash out." said Jeremy as he jumped off of his bed and ran out of his bedrooms door, but before Jeremy ran out of his bedroom, he paused and caught the eye of Charcoal, Charcoal stared back, his green eyes staring intently at Jeremy.
"Don't forget, you must remember."
"Problem?" Asked Jeremy's older brother.
", no problem." Stuttered Jeremy as Charcoal then started to rub his head against his older brothers legs, purring loudly.
"Well then get to it!" Yelled Jeremy's older brother.
"Right!" And Jeremy ran out of his houses front door.

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Made New Food Blog Joined Feedspot

Hey, have any of y'all heard of a website called Feedspot? I had created a new blog a couple of weeks ago called and a couple of days ago, I got a email telling me that my new blog Dinnerat3 had just gotten 30 followers. I don't know how, or why my blog was on there, but I thought that was pretty cool to have gotten that many followers in just a couple of weeks.
Here is the link to The membership is free and you can look up other blogs and sites on it that suit your interest, go check it out!
Also you can check out my new blog, if you want. It's just a blog about food and the things that I eat. I just enjoy eating and trying out new foods, so I decided to make a blog about it.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Things That I've Been Thinking About Lately

I spend alot of my time thinking rather than talking. People always say that I am quiet, although I never really thought of myself as quiet. I'm just not that much of a talker. I enjoy thinking more than I enjoy talking.
Since I haven't been able to get out much recently. I have been spending most of my time thinking about things, like what I want to do with my life, and places that I want to go. There have been alot of different career paths that I've wanted to pursue since I graduated high school a couple of years ago. At first I wanted to be a race car driver, but that was probably never going to work out. Then I wanted to work with animals, but I couldn't think of anything that I wanted to do with them except be a vet tech, but then I realized that I didn't want to have to inject the animals with needles and that I wasn't really going to enjoy being a vet tech if that's what I had to do.
I also wanted to become a meteorologist because I love weather and looking at the weather maps and things, but then I learned that meteorologist use calculus to make their weather predictions and I am very terrible at math. I barely passed algebra and didn't enjoy it much, but I think that's because everything was taught too fast and I wasn't ever able to keep up. So I decided that I might not want to be a meteorologist, but just study weather for fun, on my own time.
Now I am working towards getting my associates degree in horticulture. Which is what my mom decided that I should do since I like both weather and animals. And plants involve both weather to survive and animals need the plants to survive. I thought I would enjoy taking care of peoples plants. Although I am worried about the chemistry classes that I am going to have to take. Which I am worse at than I am with math.
I enjoy helping people and I enjoy writing. I kind of want to be a journalist, but I don't know. There are alot of writers out there and I don't know how good I am at it, but I think I would enjoy being a journalist, writing for a magazine, or newspaper, but I don't know.
So, that's what I've been thinking about lately.

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's Limited Edition Texans Ice Cream!

Go Texans!

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Under The Cats Eye

One of my favorite books about a boy at a boarding school that finds a cat that is from another world and he tries to save her. I don't want to say anything more than that except that it is a awesome book and that you should read it! It is one of my favorite animal books that involves a cat and a dog, but the cat is one of the main characters. Which is why I thought it would be a good book share on Cat Thursday.
But it is really a good book for anybody that loves animals. A good read if you haven't read it, you should check it out!

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Here's a story inspired by the 70's movie that I watched on YouTtube yesterday called "Two-Lane Blacktop" I do not understand the 70's!

"Peace!" She said as she got on to the bus that was going to her supposed college. Her parents were really happy for her, but her siblings were worried. They didn't think that she was really going to college. She had hardly packed anything and was talking about wanting to travel across the country. Had she lied to their parents? Were was she actually going?
The bus dropped her off at a bus station at the next town. Once she got off, she held her thump up. A universal sign that she wanted to hitch a ride. A huge white dry van pulled over. She felt the cold steel bar as she climbed in, there were refrigeration stickers all over.
"Where you headed?" Asked the driver.
"Up north" She said. The driver just nodded.
"Well, i'm going into the next town to deliver, you can ride with me if you want."
"Sure." She shrugged.
Once the dry van stopped, she searched for another car. An old couple just walked into the grocery store.
"Nope" She thought.
Just then Mr sunshades walked out of his Firebird, went to the soda machine and grabbed a cola.
"Cool!" She thought and then snuck into the back of his machine. Mr sunshades acted like he didn't even notice, but he did.
"Hi!" He said, looking kind of irritated, but he knew the rules.
So he let her ride with him. After about an hour it got dark and Mr sunshades wanted to go to a motel.
The girl thought that she should get out and rest, then find another ride.
Mr sunshades offered her some drugs, but she wasn't into it and was starting to get worried. She had only been gone for a day and she was starting to get homesick.
Home was now a thousand miles away and she didn't want to let her parents know that she had been lying to them, so she sent them a postcard and decided to just keep on hitching and hitching from place to place, year after year not knowing where she was going, or what she was doing. She just didn't want to go home.
Her parents not seeing her, or getting a post card, began to worry. But she never returned home, but just kept on traveling and traveling from place to place, searching for something she didn't know. She just didn't want to stay in one place, or with the same people for long. She just wanted to keep on moving.

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