Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Wild Creature: Escape From The Zoo

There were a just a few more wild things that the creature wanted to do before his captivity at the city's zoo. He was a small orphan, not even two weeks old when he was snatched up by his rescuer. The creature was to be taken care of by his rescuer, then released back into the wild. At least that's what the creature had hoped.
But, then that telephone call came, asking the man who was taking care of the creature if he still had him. The man said "yes, i'm supposed to release him in a few weeks."
"ok." Said the zoo keeper "would you mind giving the creature to us?" "We don't have many of those around here and I was thinking that the city would enjoy watching it."
"Sure!" Said the creatures rescuer. "I wasn't really looking forward to that two hour drive anyway!" Said the rescuer laughing to himself.
The creature was listening in to all of this. "2 hours, how far was he away from home?" thought the creature sulking in his cage. So three weeks later when the creature was big and strong, he was taken to the zoo, pinched, poked, and examined, then thrown into his cage. The creature was at first angry and scared, feeling betrayed by his rescuer, and left alone stuck in the zoo's cage, but then after a while the creature got used to his surroundings and decided to just go along with it, sometimes enjoying his brief moments of stardom.
But there were still some things that the creature wanted to do....
He wasn't a human that needed to be fed and locked up. He was a creature! One of the wildest creatures known to man! The creature new that there was a chance to escape, but it would be tricky. He growled and growled and growled, wondering if he'll ever escape.
His rescuer, also now a volunteer zookeeper noticed this and was thinking the same thing. He loved that creature and wanted him to be happy. The creatures rescuer clinched his fist and told the zoo what he thought about the creature being trapped in the zoo's cage. The head of the zoo went to examine the creature, tilted his head, and thought the same thing. The creature had to go. He was too wild to be kept at the zoo. Also the head of the zoo was worried that the creature wouldn't last long.
So, finally after two years of being trapped in a cage at the zoo, the creatures rescuer opened the creatures cage holding a smaller cage in his hand. The creature was going to be released!

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  1. Joseph! This is such a wonderful story, with a sweet ending! Zoos are a fun way to get to meet some of the creatures we will never see elsewhere in real life, but I always feel sorry for them and wonder if they wouldn't be much happier back at home. I love that you left us wondering, to use our imaginations on just what this creature looked like, and I think it was awesome that he growled enough to sound fierce and made them rethink their decision. Your love for animals shines through in your story, and it left me smiling at the end. You outdid yourself on this TST contribution, and once again I am so very glad that you took the time to come and join us! Thank You!

    1. Ya, I enjoy seeing the animals at the zoo's too, but feel sorry for them. Thanks, I enjoy writing my stories TST! : )

  2. What a wonderful post. What a wonderful thing when humans realize what the creature wants. Excellent.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  3. Hopefully our need to cage wild animals will pass or at least be adjusted to have them kept in open range zoos that can be used for breeding and possible release back in the wild. Sadly we are by nature a cruel species and are intent on abusing the planet we live on, let's hope that will change. This is great post to remind us of our responsibilities.

    1. Yup, never heard of a open range zoo. Is that just like a regular zoo? What's the difference? I think we should just go see the wild animals in their natural habitat. Although that might be a little dangerous.
      : )

  4. Joseph, this is a great story! The ending is a perfect one. Thank you for this. I always look forward to your stories; they are wonderful. This one may be your best yet!

  5. Hi Joseph ~~ This is a nice story with a nice ending. I have a feeling that it is taken from a true happening around your home. We did that several times when we lived in Friendswood with our house down in the trees.

    We took them to the Armand Bayou Nature Center near Clear Lake City. Mostly it was racoons.

    1. Ya sort of. It was based on movies and events and things that I've seen. : )


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