Thursday, September 26, 2013

Closing The Closet

As she was going to bed, she could her voices screaming, from down the stairs. Her baby brother was having a fight with her dad again about wanting to stay up late, so that he could watch his favorite TV show. "But it's only just this once!" Screamed her baby brother.
"Ok, just this once." Said the father.

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  1. Great story Joseph! I had to smile at this one, remembering us arguing as kids to stay up late to watch a favorite show, when the rule was "lights out at 10:00." Once in awhile Mom would give in to our pleas, as I grew older I would wait for my parents to fall asleep and sneak back downstairs to watch quietly, hoping to not get caught! It's a much different world today where many kids have TV's in their rooms. I remember having to "disconnect" my son from his Nintendo in the wee hours of the morning on more than one occasion! :-) Thank you for your story for 6SS, I appreciate you, Joseph!

    1. Ya my parents didn't care. They were happy to have something to distract us. : )

  2. Joseph, I am glad to see you writing more. I hope you are feeling better now. Hug.

  3. Thanks, I am feeling better, almost completely well!
    : )


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