Monday, September 30, 2013

Homemade Pizza Bread Pizzas

Here's a picture of the pizza bread pizzas that my mom made the other day, but these pizzas are a little bit different. There are not made with English muffins, but with just regular sandwich bread. Admittedly, I wasn't very excited about the switch at first, but they actually tasted good with the regular sandwich bread. 
My mom first toasted the bread then melted some thin slices of butter on them. After that she put the sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and black olives, then she heated them back up, to melt the cheese and sauce. I thought they tasted good, maybe even better than the English muffin pizzas.

Homemade Vegetable Rice

On Saturday my mom made some veggie rice for dinner. She cooked white rice with soy sauce to brown the rice then she added the fried vegetables and eggs. I think she also put some spaghetti noodles in it. The vegetables that she put in were soybeans, carrots, and maybe some onions and mushrooms. I don't know, i'm not sure. I'll have to ask her.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Getting Some More Isolated Storms Today

Got some more isolated showers and thunderstorms today from a cold front and maybe a spinning low. The weather forecasters said that we might get our first real fall cold front next weekend. I'm looking forward to it!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Closing The Closet

As she was going to bed, she could her voices screaming, from down the stairs. Her baby brother was having a fight with her dad again about wanting to stay up late, so that he could watch his favorite TV show. "But it's only just this once!" Screamed her baby brother.
"Ok, just this once." Said the father.

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Fireman Saves Kitten

I don't know if this video really happened, or not, but I thought it was cool and I wanted to share it with y'all.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Letter to Myself

September 24, 2013

Tear drops of joy fell down my face when heavy rain was falling down outside of my house last Friday. I had been much anticipating the rain fall all week and was really glad to see it, just as the weather forecasters had predicted. I think at least five inches of rain fell in and around Houston, TX. I had tears of joy, seeing all that heavy rain, hour after hour. Sometimes getting distracted by other things, but my mind was always on the rain, I watched it fall outside of my houses windows. Steadily, ever so steadily until it stopped at around 10 pm.
There didn't look to be any flooding, or storm damage from what I could see, after the rain stopped, maybe just the usual common puddles, or over flowing ditch that is always flooded after every storm, but nothing drastic though. There were some reports of bad flooding in and around Houston, but, not in my area.
My area usually doesn't get any major flooding, except for one time when my area got fifteen inches of rain from a train of heavy thunderstorms that pounded all through the night. There is a bayou right next to our house that usually helps stop water from over flowing into our streets, but this time the water over flowed over the bayou and spilled into my neighborhoods streets and came up to some of our neighbors houses and flooded them. It wasn't a terrible flood, just maybe a couple of inches. I think I got to miss school and I think it was a Friday, so I had a nice three day weekend. But no flooding this time around. Which is good, besides I'm not going to school anymore anyway, so it wouldn't of mattered. I don't like flooding, but I'll have to admit it was interesting to see. It's just I've never seen my neighborhood flood before.
All of this flooding reminds me of what's been going on in Colorado. My dad, aunt, and I had just been to Colorado and I remember my dad making a remark about not wanting to live there, down in the valleys because he was afraid that it would flood, but I think my aunt and I were both thinking that, that would never happen. That's very weird that it did happen and I feel really sorry for all of the people that had lost their homes.
Thinking about Colorado and flooding, I had wondered if they don't regularly get flooding due to all of their annual snowfall. I would think all of that snow on the mountains would pile up and melt down into the valleys each year, but then I guess people wouldn't have built houses and lived there, or maybe they would. I don't know.
Well, it looks like we are going to be getting some more rain this weekend. It looks like pretty much the same set up as last week, but with less chances for rain. I hope that I will get to see some more heavy rain like last week, but for now, i'll just enjoy this nice sun.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Making English Muffin Pizzas For Lunch!

I made some english muffin pizzas for lunch today, but I didn't get a chance to take a picture of them, so I drew them instead.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rainy Day!

Rainy day, Simon spent it laying around.
Sometimes getting up.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ready Set Go!

The black car slammed on it's brakes right before it hit the pit entrance. "Slow down, what are you doing?" yelled the race chief.
"Sorry, I thought I had one more lap to qualify."
"The time trials are over, you did good!" Said the race chief behind the chief mechanic. "And what are you worried about anyway?" "You always get 1st place, or close enough."
"Close enough isn't good enough." Pouted the driver
"Right, right." Just get the car into the garage and lets go get some lunch." grumbled the race chief
"I'm not hungry, besides i'm supposed to go meet a friend back at the hotel." Said the driver.
"Alright, suit yourself." And both the race chief and chief mechanic walked out of the pit lane, arms behind each others backs like old chums. The race driver grumbled some words to himself, then gave some shifty eyes to his race car. "If only I could make it go faster." He thought to himself. "I just need more time."
But he didn't have anymore time, the race was tomorrow, so he went back to his hotel and had lunch with his friend.
Race day!
"You ready?" Asked the race chief to the driver.
"Sure, sure" Said the driver with a worried expression on his face. His stomach was making all sorts of funny noises, he was so dizzy that he thought he was going to faint.
"You sure your ok?" Asked the race chief to the driver again. The drivers face looked pale white.
"Yup, i'm fine." Said the driver with his thumb up in the air.
"Ok, lets go!" "Race starts in five." Yelled the race chief. The driver put the Ford into gear and waited for the crew and chief mechanic to signal the "a, ok." The driver got the signal and launched the car forward and parked it into his position, third, and waited. 
A couple of minutes later, all the cars engines had been turned on. The driver could barely hear anything above all the grumbling and revving of all the other cars engines. All of the drivers eyes were now all fixed at the man with the green flag. "One more minute!" Said the race chief to the driver through the drivers headphones. The driver started to rev his engine. froom, froom, froom. "One, two, three, go!" The man with the green flag started waving it frantically. "Go, go, go!" Yelled the race chief to the driver excitedly.
"Yeehaaw!" Yelled the race mechanic. "Hows that engine running?"
"Pretty good!" Muttered the driver. He couldn't really concentrate on anything else, but his driving. Round and round he went, still in third place, he came to the pit and was given some instructions. Once in his pit box, the race driver grabbed for the nearest water bottle handed to him by one of the pit crew and gulped it up letting out a huge sigh afterward. "Ok, take it easy." Said the race chief to the driver as the last of the cars tires were being put on and the hood was being brought down.
"Number 23!" Yelled the sportscasters about the drivers car number. "Now in eleventh place and almost a lap down from the leaders." "He is one of the first to pit."
"Don't worry they'll all need to pit soon also, just take'er easy, Ok?" Said the race chief, trying to calm the driver down. The driver was gasping for air as sweat pulled down his cheeks. "Only 200 to go!" "Go get em!" Froom, froom! The drivers Ford squealed out of the pits. By lap 300, he was in first place. "Just one hundred more, just one hundred more!" Yelled the race chief. "Come on you can do it!" "Just remember to keep'er steady."
 About thrity minutes later.....
 "Just three more laps now." "Your running out of fuel and your tires are almost burnt out." "If you go too fast they will blow and we'll need a good cleaning crew to scrap you off the wall." Said the chief mechanic to the driver
"Thanks that's comforting to know." Said the race driver sarcastically.
"Just keep'er steady." 
"I can't, he's right behind me."
"Ok, we can maybe take fifth place, if you slow down and keep a good pace." Said the race chief. "It will be good for the points, a great start to the season."
"Alright, but I wanted to take first place." Pouted the driver.
Just then.....
"There has been a spin, a car is stuck in the middle of the track, right at the corner of turn two, caution flag is out, slow down." said the race chief. "There's going to be a pile up if somebody doesn't get that car moved out of the way." Said the sportscasters. "The race is probably going to end under a caution." "There has been a oil spill reported on the track, right at the corner of turn two, right where that car has just spun out." "It doesn't look like there is going to be enough time to clean it up."
Right after the sportscasters had finished talking....
 "The race is going to end under a caution." "A oil spill has been reported at the corner of turn two." There's not going to be enough time to clean it up." "You won the race!" Yelled the race chief excitedly through the race drivers headphones.
"All right!" Yelled the race driver excitedly waving his fist in the air.
"Good job!" Yelled the race chief. "Pull her in lets celebrate!"

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Stuffed Green Peppers!

Well while everybody is frantically freaking out about Friday the 13th, my mom has decided to make stuffed green peppers! I've never had them before. I thought they were pretty good.
A great way to end this scary day of Friday the 13th! A very good tasty way! I ate all the meat and cheese, but I wasn't into eating the whole green pepper. My mom said that I wasn't supposed to eat it like a bread bowl, but that seemed like the right way to me. But what to do about that green pepper? I took a few bites, but then I had to stop. I couldn't get myself to eat the whole thing. That's way too much green pepper! It was good though. 
On this Friday the 13th, 2013, first time that I eat a stuffed green pepper. Now I am going to go find a quiet place to hide.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Things That I've Been up to

Avatar (2009) Poster

Yes, I just saw the movie. Everyone was always talking about it, about how good the movie was, so I decided to watch it yesterday on Xfinitys Stream pix, while it was still airing. I don't know if I was wowed by it, but I liked it. I had avoided watching it because I didn't think that it was going to be a good movie, being 3 hours long and full of blue people. I just didn't think that it was going to be a good movie for some reason, but anyway, I decided to watch it and I liked it.
I would give it a 4 out of 5, the graphics, actors, and everything were good. I also liked the theme of the movie of humans being the aliens trying to destroy someone else's planet. That's a little bit of a twist. Usually it's aliens trying to clone themselves as us and take over our planet. So I liked the little twist there. The Avatars also kind of reminded me of the Native Americans too, everything is sacred to them.
Anyway without giving away too much info. I thought Avatar was a good moive.

In other news, I just had my computer scanned by Malwarebytes, which scans your computer for vicious malware, like the ones used to hack your email passwords and other things. No issues here, just some potential issues, that I had to delete. The reason I did this was because my computer has been acting slow lately and I wanted to see what was going on, but my computer is fine, just old and used. Here's a link to download Malewarebytes, I found it on this weeks issue of Scambusters!

Also, I have been playing some old Midnight Club Racing games, which are fun. You can read more on my newest blog called

Still not feeling well, so I have been stuck in my house these past few weeks, but i'm getting better and hopefully going to be able to get out of my house soon!

Alright well that's all I have for now, I'll update y'all some more later, maybe next week about the newest things that I've been up to. That's it, bye for now!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

White Lies

She smiled through her white lies as she wandered from table to table. Being a waitress was not one of her funnest jobs and she didn't feel like explaining the menu to every single person. "IS THAT FOOD GREAT?" "IS THAT FOOD GREAT?" "IS THAT FOOD GREAT?" "WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND?"
"They are all good!" she would say with a wearied smile. She didn't think that the food was all that good though, except for maybe the hamburger, but even that wasn't all that great either and she wanted to tell the truth, but it was her only job and she didn't want to lose it.
Wandering and wandering through the tables day in and day out. Until one day she collapsed and it happened, the pasta fell all over the man in the suits shirt.
"I ordered the food to eat it, not wear it!" Said the man in the suit with a sarcastic tone to the waitress. The waitress looked at the man in horror.
"I'll..I'll...clean it up" she stammered trying to find every towel that existed in the restaurant.
The man in the suit seeing the waitresses expression of horror decided to smile and told her not to worry about it.
The waitress started to cry and ran out of the restaurants door .
The restaurant being small, it's customers eyes were now fixed on everything that just happened, the restaurants manager told everyone that everything was all right, snapping his fingers at his workers to get everything cleaned up.
The man in the suit gave a nod to the restaurants manager, left a check, plus a tip and walked out.
Once outside, the man in the suit noticed the waitress still clung to the restaurants wall sobbing. The man in the suit looked at her and gave her a pat on the back and walked away.
A few seconds later the restaurants manager came to her side and asked her what's wrong and if she still wanted to work at the restaurant, but the waitress just kept on sobbing. The manager then just gave a big heavy sigh and handed the waitress her pay check of $300 dollars, plus $100 for the week.
"Plus a $100?" asked the waitress in confusion. "Where did that come from?"
"From that man that you just spilled the pasta on" said the manager
"Yup, and i'm going to let you keep it too." "I think you've been needing a raise."
"Thanks!" said the waitress wearily, with excitement. It wasn't much, but she needed the money to pay for her rent, which was way over due....
"Take the rest of the day and next week off." said the manager. "You look like you need some rest."
The restaurants manager then went back into his restaurant. The waitress slowly got up, tear stains covering her face and eyes as she slowly walked down the road, turning the corner right as the sun shined through the clouds. Wiping her tears away, she began to smile.

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Playing Old Video Game on PS2

I bought this game from a lot of PS2 and PS games from ebay. I haven't played it in awhile and it brought back some great memories of me playing it when I was a kid. It was one of the first PS2 games that I bought. I remember spending all of my $100 (probably Christmas money) on two games, Gran Turismo and another PS2 game, I was really excited to be playing it, since I had just gotten a PS2 for Christmas.
I had chosen to get a PS2 instead of a computer, like the rest of my siblings. And i'm not sadden by that, other than not being able to use the internet, but that's ok! The PS2 occupied my time greatly. I remember spending every Saturday on the floor of my parents bedroom floor, on a old, unused tv. I thought it was a really fun video game back then and I still do. So that's what I've been doing this Saturday.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cat Movie

This is just a short video I made about Simon wanting to go to sleep on my bed. I thought I would share it with y'all for this weeks Cat Thursday. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Wild Creature: Escape From The Zoo

There were a just a few more wild things that the creature wanted to do before his captivity at the city's zoo. He was a small orphan, not even two weeks old when he was snatched up by his rescuer. The creature was to be taken care of by his rescuer, then released back into the wild. At least that's what the creature had hoped.
But, then that telephone call came, asking the man who was taking care of the creature if he still had him. The man said "yes, i'm supposed to release him in a few weeks."
"ok." Said the zoo keeper "would you mind giving the creature to us?" "We don't have many of those around here and I was thinking that the city would enjoy watching it."
"Sure!" Said the creatures rescuer. "I wasn't really looking forward to that two hour drive anyway!" Said the rescuer laughing to himself.
The creature was listening in to all of this. "2 hours, how far was he away from home?" thought the creature sulking in his cage. So three weeks later when the creature was big and strong, he was taken to the zoo, pinched, poked, and examined, then thrown into his cage. The creature was at first angry and scared, feeling betrayed by his rescuer, and left alone stuck in the zoo's cage, but then after a while the creature got used to his surroundings and decided to just go along with it, sometimes enjoying his brief moments of stardom.
But there were still some things that the creature wanted to do....
He wasn't a human that needed to be fed and locked up. He was a creature! One of the wildest creatures known to man! The creature new that there was a chance to escape, but it would be tricky. He growled and growled and growled, wondering if he'll ever escape.
His rescuer, also now a volunteer zookeeper noticed this and was thinking the same thing. He loved that creature and wanted him to be happy. The creatures rescuer clinched his fist and told the zoo what he thought about the creature being trapped in the zoo's cage. The head of the zoo went to examine the creature, tilted his head, and thought the same thing. The creature had to go. He was too wild to be kept at the zoo. Also the head of the zoo was worried that the creature wouldn't last long.
So, finally after two years of being trapped in a cage at the zoo, the creatures rescuer opened the creatures cage holding a smaller cage in his hand. The creature was going to be released!

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