Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The room was dark, no sound was heard. The child was wide awake now. It heard something crawling in its room.
'Who is it?" whimpered the child.
The thing got closer, inch by inch. The child let out its hand. The child thought it heard a purr. The child could hear things crashing, as the thing was bouncing around. It even jumped on the child's bed, but decided not to stay. The child was getting very anxious. It needed to find some light.
But the thing kept getting closer and closer.... The child thought it heard another purr.
"Could it be?" muttered the child out loud.
The child grabbed for the light. The thing sprang into action!
"Kitty!" Yelled the child.
The child relieved, turned off the lamp and went back to it's bed. The cat jumped on the child's bed, purring loudly, next to the child's legs. The cat padded it's paws, still purring loudly, the cat plopped down, and closed it's eyes. The child closed it's eyes. 
And they both slept happily ever after!

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  1. I wonder if the cat is black too like the one you had here.

    Happy Two Shoes Tuesday from the Philippines! ;o)

  2. This is a fun read, Joseph! As another kitty lover, I could so relate to this. Tiggy loves to play in our room at night, and then "thunk" and she's up on the bed, or walking over my head! I love it when they snuggle in and purr, I wish people purred with they were content! Great story, Joseph, this guy was braver than me, putting his hand out to find out what was waiting for him. I would have been under the covers!!

    1. Ya, I would have gone under the covers too!
      : )

  3. Joseph...this was fun..we have all been through the sound in the dark that frightens us and then found out it was just a cat or something just as innocent. I enjoyed this

    1. Ya this story was kind of based on what happens to me sometimes. Although I sometimes hear noises when there are no cats in my room.... : /

  4. That is how Chloe Jo is...all night long! Thanks, Joseph. This is cute!

  5. I was scared there for a minute too. Very well done.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  6. I would have been under those covers for sure! Morning Joseph!


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