Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hey Guess What I Just Got!

I got it from the mail box today. I ordered it from ebay for $152.99. My little sister said that it was a good deal and I though I should share it with y'all. There used to be more than 10 available, a couple of days ago, but now it says only limited quantities available. Anyway it looks really cool and has all these cool features, like internet, games, music, camera and video. Plus much more! It's like a mini computer, so I don't know if i'll be using my laptop anymore, maybe only when I need to type something on my blog. Typing is a little hard to do on it, with it's touch screen and my big fingers, but I can just get a pen. I think they have pens that help you type. Anyway it's really awesome! I'm really just excited about all the music and audio books that i'll be able to install, but i'm also excited about the other stuff. Awesome!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shining Night

Beneath, the big moon it shines at night
blocking the sun's rays that blind my sight,
the rays of the sun, they are too bright,
that I long for the secluded darkness of the night,
using only the moon as my guiding light.

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Friday, June 21, 2013


Since one of Joise's Two Shoes Tuesday's words is laughter, I thought I would show y'all some funny pictures and things for your amusement.

My stuff dog must have felt like watching some television. Not joking I found him laying on the floor like this. I don't remember putting him on the floor in that position. I do know that I threw him on the floor, but I don't remember putting him in that sitting position. Maybe my brother did it. I don't know. I just thought it was funny.

A funny video showing cats doing funny things, that I found on You Tube when I searched "funny cat videos"
"The World's Most Funniest Dog Video" 
And another funny animal video.
I just saw it as library cat.

I hope I made you smile!

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Blue Bird What's The Word

This is a video called "Blue Bird What's The Word" that I made because I had nothing else to do. I hope you like it, enjoy!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Me Holding Sign For Parents Store

Me holding a sign for my parents store. Taken for a picture that I needed for college. I thought I would share it with y'all.

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Friday, June 14, 2013


Cloud, A visible body of fine water droplets.

I think that's what the internet dictionary said. That sounds right to me. Clouds make rain drops! I like rain and I enjoy the cloud cover when i'm holding a sign for my parents store during the summer when it is really hot.

And now some cool pictures of clouds...

I like to call these popcorn clouds because they look like popcorn.

These are some pictures of clouds that I took last week. I love clouds and enjoy taking pictures of them. I take alot of pictures of them everyday and I put them in my weather diary. There is usually just too many cool pictures of clouds that I don't know which picture to include in my weather diary, so i'm glad that I got this opportunity to show y'all some of these cool cloud pictures that might not make it into my weather diary.

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Looking Out of my Bedroom Window

Looking out of my bedrooms windows it looks like it is going to rain. Lol! I looked up my old entries to my old weather diary blog and looked up what I wrote when I first started to write down what I observed about the weather that day, back in November of 2010. I didn't put much information back then and wrote some funny stories about White Kitty, a cat that I was trying to take care of, that had been taken, or ran away from us that kept coming back to my house. I didn't know what to do with White Kitty, since the other cats (Simon and Little Kitty) didn't like her being inside my, their house.
So I wrote some stories about rain, cold, and White Kitty. I thought that they were pretty funny and I was surprised to see how cold November of 2010 was. I think January of 2011, was the coldest I've ever seen in Houston, TX. You can view my old weather blog at the link below,

I haven't deleted it yet because I was thinking about putting my weather diary into a binder and making a real life weather diary!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kitty in The Corner

I sit in my corner hiding from my owner, behind the couch. Sometimes when I want to get out of my corner I get stuck, or scared. Afraid that I will get trapped.
 I try to run away, but my owner always catches me, with his bare skin less hands, that have pointy fingers that smell like other cats. I know that he sometimes goes to a place and plays with other cats. I know when he goes to that place because he smells funny.
I don't like the smell of the other cats, so I make a funny face to let him know, that I don't like the smell. I think he understands because he leaves me alone after I make that funny face. I try to be polite about it, but I really just want to sit in my corner and be left alone.
I hope my owner doesn't mind. I will usually go say hi to him later when he goes to sleep, during the night.
 my eyes are starting to shut and I feel sleepy.
Thump, thump.....
"Hey kitty!"
Oh great,  here he comes again. Just when I was finally going to get some sleep.

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Back From my Trip to Colorado!

Here's a 8 minute, almost 9 minute slide show of pictures that I took on my trip to Colorado. Ok, well for some reason the video isn't working, so i'm going to show y'all some videos that I made and some of my favorite pictures from the trip.

These are call marmots, or wood chucks. Found behind a shopping center in Thornton, CO.

The top three videos are of roads and places along trail ridge, road, along the rocky mountains.
This is a picture of a the rental 2013 Chevy Malibu that my dad rented. We were waiting for my aunt to arrive from her flight.
Not sure were this picture is from, but I thought it was nice.
View of the mountains from the back of the rental car.
Skiing, never been, looked like fun!
Going up!
I wasn't feeling well.
This is a picture taken when my dad and I were driving up trail ridge road in Colorado. They had just finished clearing the road up, a couple of days before.
A storm cell looked to be behind us as my dad and I were getting ready to board the plane. 
This plane is called a 787, dream liner, airplane. It was very nice a big, wide bodied plane . The 787 carries 300 passengers instead of the 150 passengers that the smaller planes carry. Also the plane had beds and folding chairs, at the front, for the first class passengers. I enjoyed riding it. 

It was a fun trip! I enjoyed Colorado. There were are alot of nice, friendly people and nice wide open green fields that extend all the way to the mountains. I enjoyed seeing the clouds above Colorado's wide open green fields. There were alot of go green people in Colorado. I saw some wind mills and solar panels near the Denver International Airport.
Colorado kind of reminds me of Texas, but with slower drivers and bigger mountains. Colorado kind of reminds me of the Texas hill country. That's what Colorado reminds me of; the Texas hill country, but with bigger mountains. I enjoyed seeing the sights with my dad and aunt, who came to vacation with my dad and I . The trip to Colorado was fun. I hope to visit Colorado again sometime, or maybe i'll go live over there!
Ya, I don't know....until next time, bye!

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