Sunday, May 12, 2013


I want to Write a Poem!

I sit on this bed,
waiting to be fed
writing this poem with a pencil that contains no lead.
A computer is now what I used to write,
sitting by my windowsill late at night.
I hear the cars rumble as my stomach roars,
yearning for the great outdoors.
I lay my head to rest.
Knowing that tomorrow I will feel my best.

 How did y'all like my poem?


  1. Joseph, I think your poem sounds just like you. I can imagine you doing all of these things!

  2. This was a fun poem to read, late night contemplations of a writer! I'm bringing Two Shoes Tuesday back beginning this week. Hope to see you sharing something with us there when you have time. Here's the info post...

    1. Yay! Cool, I hope get to participate!
      : )


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