Wednesday, May 22, 2013


This past Sunday I went on a trip to Austin, TX to see my first real, live action, car race. It was fun, the cars were loud. I should have brought some ear plugs. The cars roared passed the start, finish line at over a 100 mph, only to come to almost a complete stop at the next corner. It was really fun to watch about 10 cars trying to squeeze themselves through that first corner, on top of a hill, past the start, finish line.
I'm very sorry, but I had forgotten to bring my camera with me from my car, so I wasn't able to make a video, or take any pictures for y'all!
But, I did get a nice shot of downtown Austin, TX. Where I went to endlessly find a Krispy Kreme for my dad, but wasn't able to find one. Every store that my gps led me to was empty and showed no signs of a Krispy Kreme ever being there. No signs of any vacancy, or store ever being there. The first Krispy Kreme that I tried to go to, ended up being a Chase bank building. Not a place that I would expect to sell Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Oh well...

I enjoyed watching the race!


  1. Awesome. We are longtime NASCAR fans, and have seen live races. It is addictive!

  2. I'm delighted you got to enjoy a live race, sounds like fun to me! Don't think I would need my hearing aids for that! :-)) I hope your Dad knows how hard you tried to find him a Krispy Crème. What an awesome son you are!

    1. LOL! Ya he doesn't care, but it was disappointing to find out that there weren't any around. I did enjoy seeing downtown Austin, though!


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