Tuesday, May 21, 2013


"A bright new day!" Said John Applesauce. Dew was sprayed across the grass and the peacocks were howling....
John Applesauce, or Johnny Applesauce as he liked to call himself was a timid 10 year old boy with a yearning for adventure! He eyed his fathers keys hanging from his coat pocket.
His father winked and gave him a smile. Johnny winked back. He had been wanting to drive ever since he could remember. He had been secretly driving with his father on Sundays in empty parking lots.
Today was Sunday....
Johnny's mom patted John on his head and gave him some more orange juice. Johnny drank his orange juice in one big gulp and then let out a huge BURRRP!!! His mother gasped and his father laughed. Johnny's mother didn't think that it was very funny and she scolded John.
"So sorry mom..." Said Johnny Applesauce.
"That's alright dear." Said Johnny's mom and patted John on the head again.
Johnny then grabbed his fathers keys out of his coat pocket and ran out of the door.
"Johnny wait up!" Yelled John's father as he chased after his son. They both got into the car and headed for the nearest empty parking lot.
Johnny was a little bit nervous. This was his third time driving. His dad was letting John drive his old 1980's Ford pick up. Johnny put his foot on the gas, the car lurched and the engine roared!
"John! Remember to take the emergency brake off and put the gear on D!" Scolded John's father.
"Ok, dad!" Yelled Johnny. Johnny took the emergency brake off and put the gear on D. Then hesitantly Johnny pressed the accelerator pedal again. The truck started to move forward, johnny's face lit up.
Johnny's father was a little bit anxious, but was beginning to trust his son.
Johnny did a couple of u turns and doughnuts, before his dad told him to stop.
"That was good son." Said John's father.
Johnny who's face was filled with sweat and excitement, smiled at his father. Johnny then asked if he could drive his fathers truck home. Johnny's father smiled. "Maybe next time son."
They both smiled.
The end.

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  1. Wow Joseph, you do stories very well! I could feel Johnny's excitement at this opportunity to drive! It brought back memories of my first driving experience with my Dad (going down a two-lane highway that crossed the lake where we had just been fishing). A parking lot would certainly be a bit less stressful! I once took a coworker who was blind to a big parking lot and let her drive my car, because she wanted to now what it felt like... we had such fun!! Thank you for sharing this story and for joining us at Two Shoes Tuesday, will be watching for you next week! :-)

    1. Lol! Ya a parking lot was were I first learned how to drive. See you next time! : )

  2. You are very creative, Joseph! I am glad you found time to join in here!

  3. Great little story Joseph.... well written!


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