Saturday, May 25, 2013

Going on a Trip to Colorado!

Going on a trip to Colorado. I'll be back Tuesday night. I hope to see y'all then!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


This past Sunday I went on a trip to Austin, TX to see my first real, live action, car race. It was fun, the cars were loud. I should have brought some ear plugs. The cars roared passed the start, finish line at over a 100 mph, only to come to almost a complete stop at the next corner. It was really fun to watch about 10 cars trying to squeeze themselves through that first corner, on top of a hill, past the start, finish line.
I'm very sorry, but I had forgotten to bring my camera with me from my car, so I wasn't able to make a video, or take any pictures for y'all!
But, I did get a nice shot of downtown Austin, TX. Where I went to endlessly find a Krispy Kreme for my dad, but wasn't able to find one. Every store that my gps led me to was empty and showed no signs of a Krispy Kreme ever being there. No signs of any vacancy, or store ever being there. The first Krispy Kreme that I tried to go to, ended up being a Chase bank building. Not a place that I would expect to sell Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Oh well...

I enjoyed watching the race!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


"A bright new day!" Said John Applesauce. Dew was sprayed across the grass and the peacocks were howling....
John Applesauce, or Johnny Applesauce as he liked to call himself was a timid 10 year old boy with a yearning for adventure! He eyed his fathers keys hanging from his coat pocket.
His father winked and gave him a smile. Johnny winked back. He had been wanting to drive ever since he could remember. He had been secretly driving with his father on Sundays in empty parking lots.
Today was Sunday....
Johnny's mom patted John on his head and gave him some more orange juice. Johnny drank his orange juice in one big gulp and then let out a huge BURRRP!!! His mother gasped and his father laughed. Johnny's mother didn't think that it was very funny and she scolded John.
"So sorry mom..." Said Johnny Applesauce.
"That's alright dear." Said Johnny's mom and patted John on the head again.
Johnny then grabbed his fathers keys out of his coat pocket and ran out of the door.
"Johnny wait up!" Yelled John's father as he chased after his son. They both got into the car and headed for the nearest empty parking lot.
Johnny was a little bit nervous. This was his third time driving. His dad was letting John drive his old 1980's Ford pick up. Johnny put his foot on the gas, the car lurched and the engine roared!
"John! Remember to take the emergency brake off and put the gear on D!" Scolded John's father.
"Ok, dad!" Yelled Johnny. Johnny took the emergency brake off and put the gear on D. Then hesitantly Johnny pressed the accelerator pedal again. The truck started to move forward, johnny's face lit up.
Johnny's father was a little bit anxious, but was beginning to trust his son.
Johnny did a couple of u turns and doughnuts, before his dad told him to stop.
"That was good son." Said John's father.
Johnny who's face was filled with sweat and excitement, smiled at his father. Johnny then asked if he could drive his fathers truck home. Johnny's father smiled. "Maybe next time son."
They both smiled.
The end.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013


I want to Write a Poem!

I sit on this bed,
waiting to be fed
writing this poem with a pencil that contains no lead.
A computer is now what I used to write,
sitting by my windowsill late at night.
I hear the cars rumble as my stomach roars,
yearning for the great outdoors.
I lay my head to rest.
Knowing that tomorrow I will feel my best.

 How did y'all like my poem?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Very Busy Preparing For Mothers Day!

Spent most of the day holding a sign for my parents jewelry store, for customers looking for something to buy their mother's for Mother's Day.

On another note....
Another six word Saturday, I had hoped to do more, but had been busy with school, but now that i'm out of school for the summer, I will hopefully have time to do more. Happy 6WS!

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Alive And Kicking

I just took my last final! Which means I just started my summer vacation! Enjoy my favorite 80's song. I just found it a couple of days ago, I've been searching for it for awhile. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I've left my blog and now the anonymous maggots (spammers) have come to devour it. I may have to put word verification on. Sorry I had meant to continue blogging, but it just seems to hard sometimes to find the time. I will still try to post  comment, and keep up on y'all, sorry. If y'all want y'all can come check out my new weather blog. I post on there daily, sorry again. Come check out my new weather blog! The links on the bottom. I'll keep y'all up to date, later!