Friday, August 31, 2012

Nature Report 8!

Hey and welcome to another edition of Nature Report!!!!

Blue jay! I wonder if it's the one that I rescued? I doubt it.
Some sign that I saw remembering the judge and commissioners of Harris County. I saw it near the trail that I ride on, there are alot of signs like this around there. I wonder why?
White Dove? I think this is a white dove.

And I think the above two pictures are of a mocking bird, i'm pretty sure. This is a bird that has been keeping me company along with the white dove when I was holding a sign for my dad's store. That's what I've been doing lately, I've been holding a sign for my dad's from 10am to 12pm for the past couple of weeks now. It's not that bad. I like to be outdoors!
Skink! That's what type of lizard this is. They can have brown or, blue tails. I don't think they come in any other kind of colors, I've only heard of brown and blue. The blue color (I just read) means that it is a juvenile. I think they are most commonly found in Florida, maybe only near the Gulf coast or, other coastal cities around the globe. They are mostly found in bathrooms. From what I've read they are not poisonous to humans or, any animal. I've heard that they are poisonous to cats but, I've read that this is a myth brought on because of it's blue tail making it look like it was poisonous. I'm not sure about any of this. I'd be careful.

Also, remember these? One of the people that works at the animal shelter is really into insects and bugs! I showed her these pictures and she knew exactly what they were!

File:House gecko with spider.JPG
The tail is from a house gecko that likes to eat insects that are attracted to the light, they drop their tail as defense against predators, the tail will regenerate. Below picture with house gecko eating spider source:
And this is an garden orb weaver that likes to build their "beautiful webs" (as she puts it) at night and then put them back up in the morning, they are harmless.

Ok, that's it for another wonderful nature report! Until next time! later!


  1. Totally cool nature walk! Loved the blue-tailed skink! Reminded me of the time I accidentally dyed my foot purple when a cup of easter-egg dye spilled on the floor. It was every bit as strange and colorful! :-)

    1. LOL! Ya I thought it was pretty cool too!
      : )

  2. Glad you figured out about the tail from the gecko, Joseph. That is one mystery solved. Good for you for holding the sign for your dad's store! I know that is hard work to be on your feet like that for a few hours but I know your dad appreciates your work!

    Have a great Labor Day!



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