Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nature and Galveston Trip Pics!

Don't know what this is? Looks like a mini snake or, a type of worm.
Light brown or, yellow spider, don't know what type of spider it is.
Some statue in the middle of Galveston.
Nice colorful Galveston pier!

The birds seem happy! Wonder why?

Lots of dead fish littered the Galveston and Texas coast on Sunday August 12, not a great day to go the beach. You can read about it here, http://www.kens5.com/news/
Some early 1900's or, late 1800's house that I took a picture of in Galveston, TX, look at the birds in the trees, can't really tell what type of bird they are. I didn't see them when I took the picture.
Bridge that connects to Galveston.
Back to good old Houston!

Ok, that's it! I hope to bring y'all more! See y'all later!


  1. Looks like you had a nice visit in Galveston, Joseph. I like all the pictures, especially the opossum!!

    hope all is well


    1. Thanks, our newest edition! It looks healthy too, doesn't have that much patchy fur like the other ones did. : )

  2. Great pictures! Good to see your post! I've missed a couple of Six Word Saturdays...summer has just been to busy!I especially enjoy the water, statues and the birds!

    1. I know how you feel, so have I. Thanks! : )

  3. We used to go to Galveston almost every weekend, in the summertime, when I was a kid. We went to Texas City Dike often too. Thanks, Joseph!

    1. Cool, so did my dad, brother, sister, and me when were kids! In our white jeep! : )

  4. Ick bugs! :)
    Love the pictures around Galveston!


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