Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nature Report 5!

Longhorn beetle? I think this is a longhorn beetle.
I don't know what type of spider this is, I thought it was a brown recluse but, it was black some i'm not sure. By the way don't look up brown recluse spider on Google images, just don't!
Muscovy duck, it is a type of duck . I've learned that they are hardy and shouldn't be feed wet food or, they could aspirate, meaning their lungs are have too much water in them. That is what happened to the ducks that were taken to the shelter. The people that feed them before they gave them to the shelter, fed them wet bread that is causing most of them to aspirate and get pneumonia. Speaking of ducks, I hope they recover, i'm pretty sure that other one was put to sleep. They were being taken care of by a supervisor who has been giving them shots, they said they will tell me how they are doing, will let y'all know once I find out!

Black and Yellow butterfly that I saw while riding my bike on the trail, this isn't my picture, I couldn't get a picture because it flew away to quickly.

Some pictures from George Bush park.

Picture of trail.

Baby peacocks!
Weird worm that I found on the cat food plate that I used to feed the opossums and raccoon's with.

Poor peacock's!

That's it for this week's nature report, hope to give you some exciting news and pictures! Also a more in depth info about ducks! So stay tuned, see ya next time!

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  1. Yea!! you got the ducks back! that is wonderful news! I know you'll take great care of them!! How funny to give the ducks medicine; that must have been challenging! Great trail pictures too as well as the other nature shots!


    1. Ya, it was hard, I hope that will be the last time I have to give them medicine.
      Thanks! : )

  2. Great report! Great news, too!
    The trail pictures reminds me of when I lived down there. I rode my bike everywhere back then! Very nice photos, Joseph!
    This is a great feature you share with us! Thanks!

    1. Cool, Houston has some great trails! Thanks!
      : )


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