Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Your Life!

Hey y'all time to join Brenda again in her Pondering With a Purpose! This week's ponder is about your life and what things would you change about it. Well for starters, I wish I wasn't so absent minded, kind of forgot to wake up mom and tell her to go to work today.
I got distracted by the computer and thunderstorm, wish I had remembered sooner, oh well... We own a shop so it doesn't really matter, if a customer did come early, they will come back later, no biggie, I hope. It's not entirely my fault, oh well....
We'll since we are talking about my life, I don't think it has really started yet. I wish I had found out what I wanted to do earlier and had gotten a job while I was in high school so, that I don't have to look for one with no experience but, oh well... Hopefully I'll get one eventually. I've met some people at the shelter who've given me some good advice so, hopefully they can help me get one. At least i'm getting some experience and I can have something to add to my resume. I guess there's nothing I really wish to change about my life, except for my absent mindedness, I really need to work on that!

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  1. Joseph, why don't you work at the family store? Or do something online? Maybe with your pictures? Just ideas... you will figure it out!

    1. Ya i'm helping out right now but, it's just temporary though.

      Thanks for the advice! : )

  2. The good thing about being absentminded if you remember, you can make a list to help keep you on track about things. And you are right, Joseph, volunteering is like having a job, you show up when you are supposed to, do what they assign, etc. That is good to list on your job applications down the road.


    1. Ya I was thought it was a good thing to have on a application since I don't have any experience.
      : )


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