Saturday, June 23, 2012

to go or Not to go!

This morning I was wondering if I should go to the TWRC's baby bird program. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go or, not so, I sat down on my bed to think. Should I go or, not go to the baby bird orientation? I knew that I had wanted to go to the bird orientation the last time I went to attend the center one.
There's two volunteer's, center and bird room volunteer's. Last time I went I attended the orientation for the center volunteer, not sure if I wanted to attend the baby bird orientation, I left. I thought if I want to do it, i'll just sign up on the next orientation, which was this Saturday. But, once the date started getting closer I started to think twice about going and was thinking about skipping it. I had not even signed up for it until around 10 pm Friday, two hours till Saturday.
Right after I had signed up I got cold feet and decided that I should email the center and tell them that I am not going. After I had emailed them I was still think about going. At around 9 am I decided to tell them that I wanted to go but, I that I wasn't sure. They emailed me back and told me not to worry about it and that they didn't need me to come.
10 am now still thinking.... the class starts at 12 pm, it takes about 15 minutes to drive there. 11 am..... still not sure... 11:30 am, I jumped out of bed and said ok fine why not i'll go! I then ran to the next room to wake up my mom. She was sleeping, I wake her up and tell to take me she says ok! She had known that I was thinking about going to the baby bird program so, she wasn't surprised.
At around 11:50 am, I get there and attend the orientation the executive director is standing there, she recognizes me and says hello. About 30 minutes later the orientation is over and they give me a shirt. I ask the executive director if she needs any help, she says yes and let's me go into the bird room. In there I was taught how to feed the birds and clean their cages, it was fun!
I'm glad I went. I think i'm going to do more bird room volunteering.

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  1. I'm glad you went, Joseph. It does sound like it was a great experience, especially with helping out with the birds afterwards. I bet the more you do down there and the more familiar you are with what goes on down there, you'll maybe feel more like going to orientations?

    enjoy Sunday!


  2. Good for you, in life you will regret more the things you don't do than what you do. If you feel the desire, just do it! And you did, and you enjoyed it, and you helped out the birds! Good for you!

  3. Yay, Joseph! I'm glad you went! Of course they need you! You learned, you helped, and you had fun doing it! This may be your calling: working with animals!

  4. Hi Neighbor Joseph ~~ I am glad for you too! That is a fine thing to be doing, especially this summer. I am sure THEY NEED all the HELP THEY CAN GET!

    Too, I know they will be liking a fellow like you who is willing to do those kind of jobs. Some wouldn't because of the smells and mess.

    Just plain GOOD FOR YOU! I think and hope that you will be happy with this new endeavor. :) Like I said, I am very glad to hear your good news!

  5. How cool... I wish there was something like this near me... I bet it would be fun.
    Good for you Joseph!

  6. Good for you that you went. Sometimes you just have to think less and act more! Enjoy those precious moments!

  7. That sounds like fun, I'm glad you decided to go and it sounds like you are too! How often do you get to volunteer?

    1. Ya I was confused but, it all worked out in the end. I can volunteer everyday, as many as 6 people can volunteer for one shift and there are three 4 hour shifts each day. There's usually a spot opened.
      : )


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