Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Showing Love!

Hey, time for another Pondering With a Purpose from Brenda! This week's ponder is showing love, how do you show it?
Well... I don't know, the way I like to show love is by giving someone a smile or, a hug. Or, I might show love to a cat by petting it or, giving it some of my left over chicken from a sandwich. Giving food is a good way to show love, giving someone a gift or, a treat, is another way to show love. Caring and praying for someone that is hurt or, ill is a way to show love.
There are lots and lots of ways to show love! So many words and expressions that you can make to show that person or, creature that you love them. Those were just some examples of what I think are ways to show love. What do you think?
What are some ways that you show love to others?

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  1. I think showing love by giving someone a smile and a hug (especially when they need one) and praying for them is a great way to show love, Joseph!



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