Friday, June 22, 2012


Time for another Pondering With a Purpose!

Punishment, how do I punish the one's I love,
Well... I don't because the one's I love are cat's and when they do something wrong they're completely oblivious to it and it wouldn't help them to punish them. For instance i'm currently trying to type this post with my laptop barely hanging off of the desk because Simon is sprawled out across it. Should I punish him? No, why because it wouldn't help him to understand what he is doing wrong by punishing him. So I just let him sleep there until he moves off.
Sigh.... he will eventually! Like now! No... he's just moving closer to the computer.

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  1. I think Simon is just enjoying spending time with you, LOL. It is hard to punish those we love, especially the furry ones!


  2. I do have a time out for my one kitty who does need to be put in time out once in a while. She gets locked in a bathroom, one that has food and water and a little cat house to sleep or whatever, but she knows when I close the door...Oh no Mom is angry with me!

    1. Oh, maybe i'll try that! But, he still won't know what i'm mad at him for... : )

  3. I think Simon likes the heat of the computer...
    Trixy likes to walk across the keyboard - can't imagine that's very good for a laptop!

    Thanks for pondering with me!


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