Friday, June 29, 2012

Nature Report 4!

Eeekk!! It's a brown centipede! They are from Europe, not supposed to be poisonous but, will bite if they feel threatened. They also can live up to 6 years! I'm pretty sure I saw this one when Ike came in September of 2008. That means that it's been living in my house for 4 years! I could have kept it as a pet!

Pictures from the shelter!

That is a prairie dog, it is kept at the shelter because it was raised by humans at birth and so was not able to be released back into the wild.
This peacock decided that it wanted to hang out!

The above pictures are of trees that had been recently cut down due to the two trees that fell in our front yard. We decided that it was a good idea to cut down the trees that might be a problem to our neighbors and us.
Cool, spider web!
Tree trunk of tree that had been cut down a couple of months ago.

Look what I found, worms! They were in the tree trunk. I'm not sure what kind of worms they are, you can see them move in the video.
Birds nest that the northern mocking birds were (I think that's what they were) Update: I just recently saw some northern mocking birds close to where this nest was, in another part of our backyard. They were the same color and size, I think those were them.

Photos from the wildlife center's bird room
This bird is called a Shrike, it means butcher in Latin. It was named after the way that it catches it's prey. I think this one is a logger shrike because it can't be a northern one since the shelter is in the south. You can read about them here,
I'm not sure what type of bird this is but, I think it's a woodpecker. Update: just emailed and she told me that it wasn't a woodpecker because of it's feet, wood peckers have two toes that point forward and two toes that point backward ( to grab on to tree bark.
These are the incubators that they put the birds in to keep them warm. 
Pine cone!
Interesting colored peacock, kind of reminds me of caramel ice cream.

Missing animals? Just recently I saw that baby opossum that had taken a picture of on last week's report, it had been missing for the past week or, two and I was wondering where it was. Also the squirrels had gone missing during the second or, third week of June and I had just seen them crawling around in my backyard this morning, one was climbing up the tree and the other one was digging or, burying something in a hole.

Well, that's it for this week's nature report, still more to come, will keep y'all posted on the ducks, later!


  1. How cool you get to take care of the ducks, Joseph!! They look so cute!! Great nature report this week! That was an awesome spider web. I have to agree with you; ick on the centipede!

    I think you are enjoying your time at the center?


    1. Yup!!! I enjoy working with the animals! : )

  2. Joseph, I think you found your calling! This is wonderful! I love your Nature Reports. They are interesting, informative and fun. I feel like you are my tour guide. Thanks! Great job. Keep us updated on those ducks! Adorable. :)


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