Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nature Report 3!

Baby birds, there were some baby birds flying around our patio last week. I haven't seen them in the last couple of days. I hope a cat didn't eat them.
Blue crane, I saw one walking around our neighborhood.
Baby opossum, I think this is from that litter of opossums that I saw about a month ago.
3 days old baby Bunnies Baby rabbits, I heard at the wildlife orientation that it is not good to pick up a rabbit that is only a few weeks old because it gets anxious and will cause it to have heart failure which will kill it, so don't pick them up! Sorry I didn't get a picture of the animals in the center yet, I wasn't sure if they would let me and I didn't want to walk around with a camera in my pocket. I'll try to get some next time.

Baby peacock's, I've seen some peacock babies walking around with their mother's, they look like chickens! Will get some pictures of those too.
Black crow, I saw this crow squawking to his fellow crows on top of my dad's store.

Speaking of birds, I've been seeing some white birds that I didn't used to see on the trail. I think there a type of seagull but, i'm not sure.

White striped bird eater tarantula, Woah... while I was searching for types of white birds I found this white striped bird eater tarantula, I guess that means it eats birds?

Ok, that's it for this week's nature report. Make sure to tune in next time, will hopefully be showing some photos from the center! See ya!                      

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White striped bird eater tarantula,


  1. This is great! Thank you for adding the follow by email widget!! I was already following you, but now I won't get behind or miss anything!
    I love the nature reports! Sometimes if you handle baby bunnies, their mother rejects them. I have raised many orphaned baby bunnies, successfully. But it is not easy, as they are very "jumpy". As with all babies, you have to be gentle & careful!
    Thanks for your reports & pictures!

  2. Those baby peacocks look interesting, Joseph. I liked that crane; how cool that it was walking in your neighborhood. I think I would never want to see one of those tarantulas in person; that is scary looking!! Glad to hear you are volunteering at the center; I bet it is fun to do!



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