Sunday, June 3, 2012

Grad Trip Slide Show!

Hey y'all! Sorry for the wait, I was trying to get all of the photos of my trip together. This video is a slideshow of the trip that I took to see my little sisters college graduation. The first photos are of a road trip that my dad, aunts, and I took from Virginia to Niagara Falls, NY before we went to Troy, NY to see my little sister graduate from Rensselaer, the college that she graduated from.
After we had seen my little sister graduate we headed back to Virginia were my dad and I went to D.C. to visit the Air and Space and Natural history museum. There are also some pictures of the beginning of the Memorial Day parade since we had decided to visit the museums on Memorial Day.
It was a fun trip and a nice break! Time to get back to blogging! Sorry for the long wait but, I had to get all the pictures in order. The video is almost 9 minutes long and there is no music because I couldn't think of any music that would go good with it.
The reason the video is so long is because I am used a new program that came with my camera and I didn't know how to shorten the slides, I wanted the picture quality to be good.
So you can either skip through it or, find some songs that you like and enjoy the show. Either way is ok, I hope you like it, enjoy!

Here are some songs that I like to listen to while watching it, maybe y'all might like them too.


  1. I watched the whole video, Joseph! I really enjoyed it; you guys did a lot and saw a lot on your trip! Congrats to your sister on her graduation; wishing her much success in the years ahead!! How fun to see Niagra Falls at night like that; I bet it was pretty impressive and loud with the roaring of the falls. My mom and dad went to Niagra Falls on the Canadian side for their honeymoon years ago. I've not been in that area. Been to DC and did recognize some pictures there especially of the museusms. How fun to be there over the Memorial Day Weekend, but I am sure it was crowded and probably hot! Glad you had a great time; thanks for sharing it with us :)


    1. Thanks, glad you liked it!

      Getting to see Niagara was fun, I liked when the boat went under the waterfall.

      Lol! Ya it was really hot! I had lost my water bottle and was really thirsty. : )

  2. Welcome back, Josheph. I had been missing you on Saturday mornings. Congratulations to Sis! That made for a really good holiday trip for you and your parents.

    Good slide show. I've been there and done that except for Rensselaer. We've visited all 50 states and D.C. and Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

    You looked good sitting in the Jeep. I always wanted a surplus Jeep but never could afford one. When I was in the Army I got to drive one of those big two-ton trucks for my guard duty assignment. When I had guard duty I would be the driver of the guard who took the new guards to their posts and brought the ones relieved back to the guard shack.

    Did you get to watch on TV some of the Space Shuttle Mock-up move? It made a pretty picture floating down the Intercoastal Canal on the barge. Since I worked at NASA for fourteen years I would like to go see it.

    I also saw that San Jacinto College is starting a maritime ceritificate and associate degree program. I would have like to have been a ship's radio operator but never did try to do it. I am a ham radio operator so the transition should have been possible. Now they don't have that position any more.

    1. Lol! Thanks!

      Wow, that's alot of traveling, would like to do that someday.

      Sounds fun, was thinking about being a truck driver for the army but, i'm not really sure if I want to. Would have loved to drive one of those Jeeps!

      No i'm not sure if I saw it.

      Sounds like a fun job, I like ships! : )

  3. Congrats to your sister! My best friend lives in Rensselaer!


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