Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This Week's Pics and Video!

favorite Persian restaurant that my family likes to go to.
Lady bug!
This is a picture I took of the moon just because I wanted to. I can't wait to see the solar eclipse of thee sun on Sunday, click the link if you want to learn more about it. http://www.weather.com/news/annular-solar-eclipse-20120514
Glow in dark roof!
Here's a big blue fly. I think it's a beetle fly but, i'm not sure.

More pictures of a squirrel.

Pictures of  queen wasps.
Went to a hike meet on Saturday.
Saw a cat.

Also went to a art car parade. I was really excited I've been wanting to go to the art car parade since I was a child. My elementary school creating a art car and I forgot to go so, I've been wanting to since then.
Drawing I made on an old video game.
Found an alligator on my bike ride today.
There were alot of butterflies on the trail.
Mmmm...... M&M's or, Skittles I couldn't tell which.

There were alot of pictures this week, plus some video. I hope you liked them. Until till next time, bye!


  1. Oh my gosh, Joseph, an alligator!! That would have been interesting to encounter! I like the art car parade myself! So many different cars out there, so creative with the way people designed them! I bet seeing them in person was awesome!! All great pictures this week; I bet that Persian food is delicious! Never tried it, but will have to look and see if we have a restaurant here that serves Persian cuisine.

    have a good Tuesday!


    1. Lol! Ya you should try the kabob and sebsi, i'm not sure how to spell it, it is a spinach dip that you pour over rice. I think it tastes good.
      : )

  2. There are SO many things to talk about in this post!
    I love that picture of the blue fly... and all those cars that is pretty cool... I'd like to go see one of those shows one day.... but
    SERIOUSLY an alligator on your bike ride???? I mean seriously... an ALLIGATOR????

    1. LOL! Just another day in Houston, alligators and snakes with the occasional armadillo. : )


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