Sunday, May 20, 2012

This Week's Pics and Video 2!

I can paddle from the trail near my house to downtown Houston!
Decided to ride my old bike! I need to get my new one fixed. I got two flat tires front and back and decided it's not worth it to keep on fixing flat tires. I think I need to get some better tires. The one's that the Sun and Ski Sports gave me aren't that good.

I like how the sun reflects on the windows of this building.
I took a picture of the sun hoping to see the annular eclipse but, found out that I wasn't able to see it where I live. The sun looks really nice though, like a huge fireball. It's even blinding my eye site from a picture. I want to look away as I am typing this, don't worry I didn't stare directly at the sun to take this picture. I just pointed the camera over my head to where I thought the sun was and took the picture.

More smiley faces!
And a red bird.
And crow.

That's it for this week's pic's and video! Gonna be gone next week, maybe we'll show the pics in a slide show. I don't know yet. Until next time, later!


  1. I liked your pictures, Joseph! Hadn't seen a red bird like that here. We saw a bit of the eclipse tonight; I didn't look directly at the sun, but you could tell from a normal day here of how it would look and it looked differently because of the eclipse. Kind of eery in a way.

    Enjoy your time away and congrats to your sister for graduating; wonderful achievement for her!


    1. Ya I thought it looked darker than usual over here but, I couldn't tell if I just thought that or, not.

      Thanks! : )


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