Sunday, May 20, 2012

This Week's Pics and Video 2!

I can paddle from the trail near my house to downtown Houston!
Decided to ride my old bike! I need to get my new one fixed. I got two flat tires front and back and decided it's not worth it to keep on fixing flat tires. I think I need to get some better tires. The one's that the Sun and Ski Sports gave me aren't that good.

I like how the sun reflects on the windows of this building.
I took a picture of the sun hoping to see the annular eclipse but, found out that I wasn't able to see it where I live. The sun looks really nice though, like a huge fireball. It's even blinding my eye site from a picture. I want to look away as I am typing this, don't worry I didn't stare directly at the sun to take this picture. I just pointed the camera over my head to where I thought the sun was and took the picture.

More smiley faces!
And a red bird.
And crow.

That's it for this week's pic's and video! Gonna be gone next week, maybe we'll show the pics in a slide show. I don't know yet. Until next time, later!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Bob's Burgers And Food Trucks!

Hey what's going on? Have y'all seen an increase in food trucks lately? We'll I have been seeing an increase in them since last year when the fish truck showed up. More on that later but, first I have some exciting news to share with y'all. Bob's Burger's is airing new episodes again!
Yay! I'm glad Fox didn't decide to cancel it. It was my favorite show besides the Simpsons to watch on their animation Sundays.I'm really glad they're back for another season!

Was going to show y'all a video of one of the Bob's Burgers episodes but, the video was making a weird noise. So here's the link to the episode if you want to see it. 

Now back to the food trucks.....

There was this food truck that showed up last year and ever since then I have been seeing more of them in shopping center parking lots near my house. Are food trucks really the thing of the future or, is it just a fad like they said in Bob's Burger's. Also what do the restaurants think about them? Are they allowed to just park right in front of their store?

The fish guy that is now gone did that. They must have complained that might have been the reason why he left. The new taco truck is hidden behind the restaurant but, it has a sign directing them where to go. I don't know if the restaurants like it but, I do! I think it's interesting to see what kind of food they're selling and it's usually good too.

So what do y'all think? Fad or, future?

Also Bob's Burger's is back! Yay! So happy!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nature Report!

This is a post about what's been going on with the nature and what I think about it.

Opossums, I haven't seen the opossum that had the babies since I took it out of the trash can last week. I did see a opossum but, I think it was too small to have been the babies mother. I wonder where it is? I don't know i'll let y'all know if I find anything out.

Raccoon, on Monday May 7, I finally re became friends with the raccoon. The raccoon and I used to be friends until the White Kitty came and scared it away.

White Kitty, I haven't seen her since November 17. I guess she went to live with one of our neighbors, I miss White Kitty.

Wasps, been raiding abandoned wasps nests that have been hanging around our patio for years. Found out some interesting things about them. We'll tell y'all about those later when I get a picture of one of the abandoned nests.

Alligators, I learned that alligators are scary and that they can bite you pretty quick if you get too close to them.

Dogs, my neighbors dog sniffed my leg today. It's whiskers felt funny. Wait....? Do dogs have whiskers?

We'll that's it for this week's nature report. Make sure to tune in next time!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Comfort Foods!

Joining Brenda again in her Pondering With a Purpose! This week's ponder is about comfort foods.

I don't really know what i'd call my comfort food because all food is comforting to me. Especially junk food. I like to sit in front of the TV with my hamburger and fries, sipping on a big cup of coke or, big plate of Chinese food, or, maybe just some popcorn. Either one would be considered comfort food to me. Even salad! If it's just a plate of regular salad topped with ranch dressing, yum!

Oh great now i'm hungry..... going to go find something to eat!

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This Week's Pics and Video!

favorite Persian restaurant that my family likes to go to.
Lady bug!
This is a picture I took of the moon just because I wanted to. I can't wait to see the solar eclipse of thee sun on Sunday, click the link if you want to learn more about it.
Glow in dark roof!
Here's a big blue fly. I think it's a beetle fly but, i'm not sure.

More pictures of a squirrel.

Pictures of  queen wasps.
Went to a hike meet on Saturday.
Saw a cat.

Also went to a art car parade. I was really excited I've been wanting to go to the art car parade since I was a child. My elementary school creating a art car and I forgot to go so, I've been wanting to since then.
Drawing I made on an old video game.
Found an alligator on my bike ride today.
There were alot of butterflies on the trail.
Mmmm...... M&M's or, Skittles I couldn't tell which.

There were alot of pictures this week, plus some video. I hope you liked them. Until till next time, bye!