Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tried a New Burger Place Today!

I went to this place called Dipps. It's a hamburger and sandwich place that just opened a couple of months ago in the shopping center across from my neighborhood, it's really new so, I couldn't find a picture and I thought it would be weird to take pictures while I was inside the restaurant so, I just drew a picture imitation instead. Although it is a new place I think they have some locations across Texas but, i'm not sure. It was a very friendly place that seemed to welcome it's customers. The hamburger tasted kind of like a fuddruckers hamburger and the fries were small but, were alot, they tasted like homemade fries, the best kind. It was a good burger, we may go there again, I don't know. If we do i'll try to take some pictures. Hope y'all had a good Saturday!

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  1. This made me just hungry reading it. I love the caricature as well.

  2. Cute picture Joseph! I bet the burger did taste good! I like Fuddrucker's burgers :) Its always fun to try out new places to eat :)


  3. How fun! I've never heard of a burger place called Dipps sounds more like an ice cream shop, but I love it when a new place opens that isn't a big chain store! Very cool!

    1. Actually I just found out it's called Ripps, and I think there is only one of them, I couldn't find any others. : )


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