Sunday, April 1, 2012

This Week's Nature and Trail Pics!

Almost every house in our neighborhood has a tree with these fruits on them.

Oooo a orange butter fly!

Hey look what I found in my bed room closet, it's a spider. Luckily for me it had already been squashed when I picked it up, don't know what kind of spider it is. I think it's a tarantula.

            Some pictures of the dam control machines, look at all that graffiti!
                             This plant has three different types of flowers on it.
I found this new trail, it's a road for bikes. I thought it was cool, I liked it alot.

Another nice sunny day on the trail. I've already done about 100 miles on my bike so far this week. I hope to ride another 100 miles next week but, probably won't. I hope ya'll enjoyed looking at my pics!

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  1. That was one scary looking spider, Joseph! Glad it got squished! I liked the butterfly; how colorful! What a neat trail to ride on! I think it is fantastic too how many miles you've ridden so far!!

    have a great Sunday!



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