Saturday, April 7, 2012


Joining Brenda again in her Pondering With a Purpose meme. This week's ponder is going to be a bit of a challenge for me to answer because I don't know much about it. I've seen my older sister use it and she shows me some photos every once in a while but, I've never really paid much attention to it but, since it's this week's theme Pinterest has stricken my interest! All I know about Pinterest is that you share the photos and things that you like with your friends and other people and they can like them kind of like you can do with any other social website. 
Which is why I haven't really tried it out yet. I just thought it was another one of those social websites like Facebook or, YouTube with pictures. I didn't really care to have another social site when i'm already on Blogger where I can already share my pictures. I don't know everyone seems to like it so there must be something about Pinterest that is getting their attention. 
I don't know maybe i'll try it sometime!

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  1. I hear once people start over at Pinterest, they get almost addicted to it and spend hours looking at sites, making boards, etc. Its for that reason I have avoided it, LOL. Blogging and FB are just about enough online time for me :)

    Happy Easter!


    1. LOL! I don't even really use Facebook, just Blogger!
      : )

  2. Pinterest has it's place... just not sure what it is yet .... lol

    Thanks for pondering with me Joseph!


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