Monday, April 16, 2012

Houston and Nature Pics Plus Some Video!

So, there was a train! Another piece to this mystery solved!

Big peacock! I'm not sure if I've shown this one before.
Video of squirrel eating something on a leaf.
Video of the big peacock!

That's it for this week, hope y'all liked my pics! Join me next week as I explore more trails and find out more things about this great city called Houston. Bye for now!


  1. I had to laugh about the sign with no horses on the boardwalk, but I can imagine that area would be pretty for riding horses through. Great pictures and videos, Joseph! That was one big squirrel! I'm surprised he didn't run away with you bring close like that.


    1. Ha ha, ya I thought that sign was funny too, it's near some ranches so, that's probably why they put it there. I was inside the house when I took the video of the squirrel so, it didn't hear me. Thanks! : )


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