Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Long Bike Ride 2!

This used to be a railroad crossing, I think.

Riding on the railroad, I got to feel what it was like to ride on those tracks, although it might have been a cargo train that used to ride on them, I don't if many passenger trains went through Houston. 

Here are some more pictures of a long bike ride that I took yesterday, there not blurry this time. My camera seems to take good pictures when it's cloudy. I hope you like the pictures. I was a little unsure about showing them to y'all on my blog, my dad found out about my long bike rides and he wasn't too happy about it but, it's my blog and I wanted to show them to y'all. I hope to show y'all more, peace! : )


  1. I like the pictures, Joseph! Looked like a scenic area you got to ride through! Was your dad worried about you for safety reasons that he didn't like the long bike rides?


  2. Hi Joseph ~~ Your pictures turned out nice. That elevated 'road' looks a lot like one I used to run on. It was a 'park,' a long one, for jogging I think in SouthEast Houston in the Sagemont area.

    I am sorry that your dad was worried. My son and my nephew went for a long bike ride once, again in the SouthEast Houston area south of Edgebrook where Mrs. Jim, Karen, and I lived. They too got lost and I was very unhappy about that.

    1. Oh we'll this is in west Houston, near Katy.

      Lol! Ya I get afraid of getting lost when I go to
      different parts of the trail that I haven't been before. Luckily for me the trail that I ride on kind of revolves around itself so, you'll end up right back where you started eventually. : )


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