Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday Fill in Fun 21!

1. I get my best ideas when i'm at home.
2. When I am overworked I like to watch a movie or, play video games.
3. When I have a cold, I like to sleep and drink lots of Gatorade, wish I had some gatorade right now, it's really hot in this house, must be the humidity.
4. Watching a turtle move can be very interesting!

joining Hilary at  in a little late Friday Four Fill in Fun, click the link to join in or, see other entries.



  1. LOL, Joseph, I like #4. It can be interesting to watch them move! What amazed me one time regarding turtles was we saw a "lost" sign on a pole where we used to live for a lost turtle. I looked at my husband and said "how can you lose a turtle? They move so slow?" I hope they did find it though!

    Sleeping when sick is always good to start feeling better!

    We had rain all day today so I think we had plenty of humidity, but boy was it cold (at least cold for us :)

    have a great Sunday!


    1. LOL! Ya I heard, lots of humidity and slippery roads.

      Thanks, watch out for those slippery roads! : )


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