Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy First Day of Spring!

Hooray today is the first day of spring! Although we didn't have much of a winter i'm still glad it's now spring. That means no more cold temperatures, not that they were cold in the first place. Another reason why i'm glad it's Spring is that I can now ride my bike more often. The picture above is a picture of the forested area of the trail near the bayou, I took this yesterday, I was really scared so I left quickly, I didn't want to fall down or, get bitten by anything. I think i'm going to walk instead of ride my bike the next time I go down there. Happy first day of Spring everybody! : )


  1. It does look like a nice place to walk or bike through Joseph!! It is exciting that it is spring. I like the extra light and the trees blooming! Hope your spring is a good one!


  2. Hi Joseph ~~ I take it you have a mountain or off road bike to ride down there. I wouldn't want to walk in there either.

    Did you come out from under your covers after the storm passed? That was a nice drawing. With all the thunder and stuff I doubt you went to sleep. :)

    1. Lol! Ya, it came through at around 7 am, so I didn't lose that much sleep. I had ear plugs on but, I couldn't shut out the bright flashes of lightning that kept me from falling back to sleep. Thanks!
      : )


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