Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bought a New Bike!

Old bike

New bike

I did it! I got a new bike! I decided to get the newer Haro bike not the blue one which was a year older and a $100 dollars cheaper. I thought well if i'm going to buy a new bike I might else well get the newest one, that way it will last longer. Also this one has better brakes and is a 8 speed, the other one was a 7 speed bike. 
I really like it. It feels smoother and faster. There are no problems now but, there were some after I had got it on Sunday, the chain came loose. 
I took it to Sun and Ski and they said that the derailing was pushed to far. I'm not really sure what that means but, everything seems to be working fine. Plus they give me free maintenance for life so, i'm not worried. I think it was a great bike for a great price. 
Oh and I got it to fit in my older sisters car. It was a tight squeeze. It fit alot better than it did in the Camry when my dad took me to get it fixed. We had to leave the trunk open so, the car started beeping, it beeped all the way there! Really annoying but, it was worth it. I'm glad I got the bike.


  1. That is a cool looking bike, Joseph!! I agree with you; go with the newer, perhaps sturdier model! Glad you have lifetime maintenance on it too! Enjoy!!


    1. Ya it just seemed like a better bike, thanks! : )

  2. That is a good looking bike!
    Enjoy your new journeys on it....


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