Friday, March 16, 2012

Blog Hops!

Today's pondering with a purpose theme is blog hops and why do I participate in them. Well.... the reason I started to participate in them was because I wanted to branch out to other people, to see if I could get more followers and comments on my posts. I had only about 8 followers before I started hoping and now I have 27, most of them are from various blog hops that I usually participate in. Blog hoping has given me a wider audience and has introduced me to some interesting people, like Brenda for example, hee hee!
I really enjoy reading their posts and their comments on my posts, it's fun to see what people think about your point of view on things, that's why I started the blog in the first place. I needed a audience and blog hoping has given it to me, I feel like i'm in a community we all participate in the same hops. People from different places of the world and backgrounds all coming together to write about a certain subject or, thing. I've really enjoyed that aspect of it. 
There are some things about blog hops that can get annoying like trying to read too many people's blog posts can be time consuming and I would like to participate in more blog hops but, I sometimes just don't fell like spending all day reading other people's blogs. Sometimes I prefer to blog hop the natural way going from one blog to the other, just clicking next blog after next blog, I met my first blogger that way and from her I found out about other blog meme's or, hops and found other bloggers and hops to participate in. It's been a fun ride, there have been some ups and downs but, for the most part I've enjoyed it. 

Joining Brenda in her Pondering With a Purpose blog hop, click the box below to join in or, see other entries.



  1. What a great post!
    And I am so glad you and I met --- where ever that was!

  2. Enjoyed reading why you like participating in blog hops, Joseph. There are so many out there too; one can spend so much time participating in them all. I like 6WS when I'm doing one; its always fun to read how people sum up things in six words. But you are right; it is a great way to get to reach out and find other blogs!


    1. Ya 6WS is one of my favorite hops to do, I always find it fun and challenging to come up with a title that has only 6 words. : )


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