Friday, February 10, 2012

Technology and What I Think of it!

Today's Pondering with a Purpose focuses on the good and bad of technology. Well... let me first point out the good. Since the increase of technology people have been able to send information quick and easy, they can call or, send an email to someone that lives across the world in a instant, which is great for someone that is in a hurry. Technology is great, it lets me listen to music whenever I want to, thanks to the development of technology I can now drive without leaving the home, plus it gives you good practice. So far so good but, it can get annoying, sometimes I just want to stand in a open field under a clear blue sky, listening to the silent breeze, no noise, no screens.... Just the noise of a cat or, a cricket in the distance. I think we have lost all this in our pursuit for better technology, I yearn for greener pastures....
Green Pastures.jpg

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