Monday, February 6, 2012

Life Updates!

Hey sup, followers!!! I just wanted to say hi and tell y'all about some things that I've been up to.
First of all..... I've been making some schedule changes and I only have a certain time of the day to blog so, that's why I haven't been making that many new posts. Also some new things.....
                        My parents have turned me into a stuffed dog! Ha ha jk!

And now for some bittersweet news,
Bye bye Scion....
Hello Camry! : )

Off to the trail.......
As part of my new schedule I have decided to ride the trail every morning, I haven't been able to do this because I thought that my bike had a hole in it's front tire but, it didn't. I have been wanting to ride on the trail for awhile but, just wasn't able to because of my heart surgery, I wanted to walk on it but, I thought it would be too much hassle, I didn't like that I had to look out for bicycles while I was walking, now it's the other way around I have to watch out for the people walking while i'm riding my bicycle and there's the professionals that come speeding at you at a hundred mph, I have to avoid them too. Also speaking of my heart surgery, besides the fun of riding my bike on the trail, it's also a good exercise. The doctor wanted me to exercise for about 30 minutes everyday.

Now to top things off...
Remember Patches? This one is Patches, it's that baby possum that I made a post about a while ago, I call him the hedge hog opossum because he looks like a little hedge hog. I Patches or, who ever this one is may have passed away, it wasn't in good health the last time that I saw it. You can see how sick he is in this video that I made recently called The Day and The Life of a Opossum 2,

That's all I have to share..... I hope you enjoyed reading about my recent life updates.
I hope to bring you more, See ya! : )


  1. I like the Camry, Joseph! I bet it is comfortable to ride in! Great exercise too riding your bike on the trail! That 30 minutes of exercise is a good thing indeed! Glad you have a place like the trail to go out and do it!


    1. Ya it is alot smoother than the Scion, ya it's the only place I know that has hills in Houston. : )


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