Thursday, February 16, 2012

Impostor Kitty Returns and Mr.Fluffy!

For those of you new followers this is the Impostor Kitty. I call it the Impostor Kitty because it looks exactly like my older brothers cat named Little Kitty. Impostor Kitty used to hang around another one of our cats named White Kitty. The White Kitty was a cat that we used to own when it was a kitten.
Once it got older it decided that it liked living at one of our neighbors house so, we let them keep her. A couple of years ago the White Kitty started to show up at our house like it used to. We were surprised because we hadn't seen it in awhile. Since we didn't know that it was already being taken care of by one of our neighbors, we decided to take it in.
The cat's didn't like that very much and I didn't like leaving it outside with no food or, water so, I started to give it some. It would come by everyday to our back roof and I would feed it. Eventually, annoyed about having to keep it outside all the time, I had tried to put it in my little sisters room. Day after day after day, I would put it in my little sisters room and take it out, up and down the stairs I would carry a plate of cat food for it.
Then I think it sort of went away for a couple of months or weeks, I don't remember. Once it came back I decided that I was going to keep it in the study, in and out, in and out, put the White Kitty in and take the White Kitty out. This started to get annoying.... I wanted the White Kitty to be friends with the other cats, (Simon and the Little Kitty) but, they just wouldn't get along. So one day at around 8 am on a drizzly morning a man showed up to our front door step.
I was kind of annoyed at first because I thought he was one of those door to door salesman and I had wanted to go back to bed but, unfortunately he saw me and I didn't want to be rude. Tired and in my p jams, I answered the door. "Hello, I believe we have been sharing a cat!" He said. "Umm......?" I said back.
After some questionable glances, I said "You can have her if you want." it. Fast forward through the conversation we shook hands and I went back to sleep or, tried to. I kind of missed her even though the White Kitty was such a hassle to take care of.
That's why I was glad when my dad said "Joseph!" Come help these people carry the White Kitty." I ran down stairs and picked her up giving her one last hug before she left. She freaked out and ran away, we were trying to put her in one of those cat boxes so that our neighbor could take her to the vet. After going back to sleep, I heard the tires screech!
The White Kitty was still at our front door. Did they give up or, did they take her to the vet and decide to leave her there. I didn't know so, I decided to start taking care of her again. A couple of months later she starting disappearing, she would come by for only a couple of hours then she would leave, eventually she never returned.
I don't actually know if she returned to them or, not because they never said anything and I don't know where they live. So I hope she is with them. Really long story I know, I hope you enjoyed reading it! Oh ya and I forgot, here's our newest member to the neighborhood.
I call him Mr. Fluffy. Come visit my cat pictures page to see more pictures of our cats, the White Kitty is the one that is white.
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  1. Love it!! You tell a good story, Joseph!
    Maggie says that White Kitty needs a name...well, they all do. Just sayin'.

  2. First off, blanket apology to all Cat Thursday-ers for another late visit from me. =O(

    Love it, Joseph! Thanks for sharing. And Alice agrees with Maggie (above). White Kitty needs a name. We could have a special naming contest for Cat Thursday one week. Just a thought....


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