Thursday, February 23, 2012

Give Me Some Space!

Hey, this is Simon he is my little sister's Siamese cat and he's driving me crazy! He follows me wherever I go. If i'm going up the stairs he's going up the stairs, if 'm going down the stairs he's going down the stairs, in my room, he's there, on my computer he's there! Not that I don't enjoy his company, it's just he can be annoying sometimes. He's either walking on my computer's keyboard or, trying to trip me on my way down the stairs, he'll run right in front of me, right before i'm about to go down the stairs and then if I accidentally run into him, he gets upset and acts like it's my fault, like I tried to hurt him. I'm just trying to walk down the stairs... On the plus side he's a good companion, he's always somewhere close to me, just sometimes too close... Happy Cat Thursday!

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  1. He obviously adores you and hey, no matter what, with cats, it's always our faults. LOL!

    Be sure to join me next week for Cat Thursday, as I will be sharing some special news.

  2. He's lovely. He obviously thinks you're pretty great, too. My cat spends a lot of time with my son as well.
    I liked your comment on my blog last week, about sitting on the cat's homework - I know just what you mean - it made me giggle. Thanks.


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